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Whats a good type of electric guitar to get? [+ amp]?

And do you have to change guitar after a certain amount of time?
Or just strings… Liek do you need to buy a completely new guitar after e.g. 10 years?

Posted by gone is the sun::.
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Well the guitar choice depends on what you want to play. For rock and blues, maybe funky stuff: fender strat, any gibson guitar, maybe ibanez. For heavy stuff like metal or something you'd want a jackson or ibanez. For some amps, maybe a marshall half or full stack, fender half stack, peavey amplifier, line 6. They're all pretty much top notch stuff.

Yes you do need to change strings every once in a while, i'll say maybe every 6 or 7 months.

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Top electric guitar tube amps under $500?

I play guitar as a hobby at home so I don't really need an amp that is extremely loud. Although I only play at home, I play at my high school's talent show once a year. I don't want an amp that's only played specifically for one genre because I play many genres.
@Erin I don't want to know WHERE to get a tube amp, I want to know WHAT tube amp I should get. EBAY is not a tube amp.

Posted by Nunya Bidness
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A 5 watt tube amp would be perfect for you. It will work at home and with a mic in front of it can be used to gig with. I love small tube amps and have purchased quite a few in the last couple years, so here's my take. The VOX AC4 is a pretty cool little amp. It can be set to 5, 1 or 1/4 watt so it works great at home. On the two lower settings you can crank it up and get some nice overdrive at very low volume. The Marshall Class 5 is probably my favorite of the ones I have owned. It is a bit more expensive than the VOX but still in your budget. The Marshall will need a pedal to get distortion/overdrive at lower volumes, but it also gets louder than the VOX making it better for playing with others. Another 5 watter than I added to the collection recently is the Blackstar HT-5R. This is also a very good sounding amp and it does have reverb (the other 2 do not). It also has a gain setting so no need for a pedal if you want to get dirty. But, it has more of a modern type sound compared to the more vintage tone of the Marshall. After owning all 3 of these I would rate the Marshall at the top with the Blackstar being a close second, mainly because it offers reverb and gain. The VOX is a good little amp too, I just like the others better. All of these are pretty easy to find in stores so try all 3 if possible. There are some more out there also but these are just the ones I have owned. One more thing, the Blackstar has a 12" speaker while the Marshall has a 10", but the Marshall works really well with that 10.




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How can i bypass the preamp of the Vox Tube amp and use the preamps of the Boss GT 10?

I have a Boss GT 10 Pedal board and a Vox AC50 Tube Amp. How can i bypass the preamp of the Vox Tube and use the preamps of the Boss GT 10? I've tried many different ways but I really need the exact connections(ie. Input,send,recieve,left mono) . Can anyone give me exact cable connections and any settings on the GT 10 that I may have to enable/disable?

Posted by Chewy
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I am not sure why you would want to bypass the preamp section of the Vox amp, but to do so you simply take the output of the GT10 and run it into the return (receive) of the vox effects loop.
The way an effects loop works is to take the preamp signal and run it out to the effects unit via the send jack. It then runs through the effects and back into the power amp section of the amp via the return jack.
The GT10 is a preamp. It does not have an actual power amp to run a speaker.
You can run the GT10 into the input of the Vox but you will have to set the amp for a clean sound. This gives you the added benefit of having the initial gain stage of the vox which includes the tone controls of the amp.
The Vox amp has a unique tonal character that may or may not appeal to you. The GT10 has a rather generic sound of a multi processor. If you are using the presets in the Boss unit than you may have trouble using it with the effects loop of the Vox. This is because the Boss unit is capable of high gain preamp distortion and effects box style distortion simultaneously. This is overkill when combined with the preamp of the Vox amp which is also capable of high gain distortion.
My suggestion is to either use the GT10 as an effects only unit through the amps effects loop. This will allow you to use the great sounding all tube signal path of the Vox while using the GT10 for state-of-the-art effects sounds. OR, run the output of the GT10 into the effects return of the Vox as I described above.
If you are truly sold on the GT10 as the primary preamp and effects processor than I would strongly suggest forgoing an amp altogether and run the left and right output of the GT10 into a stereo power amp and into a stereo guitar cabinet or 2 mono guitar cabinets.
If you really want to go high tech, than use a signal splitter and run the guitar straight into the Vox amp AND into the GT10 through a power amp into a stereo cabinet. This is actually the best way to go because then you have the very high fidelity of the GT10 through a stereo system so that all of the effects and preamp tones are virtually uncolored by any external amp. At the same time you still have the great raw tone of the Vox tube amp to blend with the processed sound of the Boss.
This last example is the way that many top musicians run their rigs. Using a signal splitter to run into multiple amp set ups and blend the over all signals into one massive, killer sound. This also gives you the benefit of using variations of clean tones on one amp set up with distortion on another amp.
I know this is a lot to consider but you may want to think about this option. Good luck.

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