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What guitar amp should I get?

I have been playing guitar for about six months and I think it is time to upgrade from my little 10 watt amp that came with the guitar. I don't know if I should go with the Peavey Vyper 30, Vox vt30, or the Orange Crush Pix 35. I play everything from classic rock to metal. What would be best?
If another amp is better then the ones I put, feel free to tell me.

Posted by g_clymer
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The amps you've chosen are nice but they're still in the "practice amp" category. They almost certainly have more features and effects than your 10 watt amp and are excellent amps to have around the house. The thing I would consider is that soon, you'll probably want to play with other folks, and 30 watts just isn't going to compete with bass and drums. If you can afford to keep buying amps as you grow into them, get any one of these.

If it was my choice, I'd spend a little more now and get an amp that I wouldn't outgrow as fast. The Roland Cube 80x or the Vox VT50 would be near the top of my list. While they aren't Marshall stacks, they're big enough to cut through the mix….I have friends who use them for small gigs.

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Who knows about guitars?

So i got a guitar not too long ago. Its a fender starcaster. I got it in a pack with a 10 watt amp. The amp has a volume, treble, and bass controls. The actual guitar has a master volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), and a tone 2 (middle pickup) control. Right now the guitar sounds like an amplified acoustic guitar. What can i change the controls to so i can make the guitar sound more electric?

Posted by WeAreBroken
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I would look at the amp and/or the guitar pickups, first.

( I am assuming that the guitar string height is adjusted correctly — not too high off the fretboard )

Being that the amplifier & pickups are, in my opinion, slightly under powered, try this:

Start by setting the amp dials at least half way. And adjust the volume, only, to a desirable level.
That should be a good starting point for the amp.

Next, take a look at the guitars 3 pickups. You may have to adjust the pickup height.
There will be 2 screws for each pickup. If the pickups are too low, this could also be effecting the sound of the guitar.
By turning the pickup screws, usually a small Phillips Scewdriver (star shaped) , in a clockwise direction, this will raise the pickup closer to the strings.

Pressing each string on the last fret on the neck, top end around fret 21, set the pickup height between 1/8 and 1/16th of an inch, about the thickness of a nickle.

By making the pickup higher you will increase the output slightly on the guitar.

Have the volume and tone pots all set to max or 10.

See how it sounds.

Also, new set of NAME brand electric guitar strings would also make a big difference in sound. Such as GHS, Ernie Ball, Fender Bullets, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

Im looking to purchase an acoustic guitar with a pick-up in it. It has to have a warm bright sound and be in good quality. Does anyone know any brands I should look at with a budget of about $400.00-$500.00 max. Links would be helpful too. Thanks.

Posted by Bryce
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Hi Bryce,

Here is some of the best greatest acoustic electric guitars under $500 for everyone who are looking for a top acoustic electric guitar under $500.

Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar
Price: $399.99 & ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic/Electric nylon string guitar is the perfect guitar! The finish of C5-CE is beautiful. Solid Cedar top having Mahogany back/sides and soft cutaway. Fishman Isys Plus Pickup. It seems along with sounds wonderful. The particular Fishman on-board tuner is effective too. Contains Cordoba gig case. 25.6 inches scale length, 1.96 inches nut width.

Takamine G Series EG340SC Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar, Natural
Price: $342.02 & ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
Takamine EG340SC dreadnought has a solid spruce top for energetic range and a rich harmonic content. Mahogany back and sides increase resonance. High gloss finish offers longevity and long-lasting elegance. Contains the well-known Takamine under saddle pickup and TP4T preamp with 3-band EQ and integrated tuner.

Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rustic
Price: $499.00 & ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
The Seagull Entourage Rustic guitar provides an outstanding worth for guitar players from beginner level to pro level. This guitar perfectly made Canadian-made acoustic-electric guitar features select pressure-tested solid cedar tops, wild cherry back and sides, cream double binding and a rustic burst custom polished finish.

Luna Oracle Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Crane
Price: $349.00 & ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
Luna’s “Crane”, an addition to the Oracle Series, can take guitar players to new experience of both visual and performing excitement. There are some more items which makes this outstanding from other guitars in the same class, which includes a simple to use built-in tuning meter, being rewired with an amp connection, and the decorative laser etched details

You can see and listen to the guitar sound examples at Http://…

That's a bunch of good options for you. Hope it helps. Good luck!

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