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What bass guitar amp to get?

Hellooo, looking to get a new bass guitar amp. No idea which one to get, could someone help? Preferably a very cheap one, but a good amp. Or a mini one.

Posted by Nina
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Buying a new amp is very important and costly, and the bulk of your budget should be spent on your amp/cab/combo. Please steer clear from Behringer and Acoustic, very risky choices, poor customer service and QC, just check the reviews.

For small gigs and to fill a small room, you will be wanting at the very least 150 watts of clean power to compete with a drummer, guitarist and a singer. For outdoors i'd use a minimum 500watts (not nearly enough for screamer music) or most prefered method would be to mic my amp to a PA. (note bass amps need more watts to produce sound than guitars amps because of the lower frequencies).
In my opinion, save money and buy louder gear. Once you do. Get this…even a used one.


With 200watts of power into 4ohms this has good power with little resistance. It has a 12 inch speaker + a tweeter speaker (you can switch off or on). 12's, in my opinion, are the best speaker size, 10’s can be too tight and 15’s can be too muddy and should really be stacked with 10’s… So 12’s are known to have the best of both worlds, good punch and good lows. It has a limiter, pre-amp clip, gain control, bass intensifier, aural enhancer and an effects blend on top of the wedge EQ and EQ controls to adjust and control your sound. Here’s the owner’s manual…


Here’s a review/demo to look at what I’m talking about:

If the SWR is too pricey and can’t find a second hand one, try using this amp’s power and features as a benchmark when looking at amp’s. It will last you, because it is true 200 watts of power at low resistance (some companies e.g. Behringer or Acoustic claim 200 but don’t take into account impedance levels so they really only put out 180) I think it could handle a small club/pub venue as well for when you get older, and it’s not an expensive amp.

Note: Other bass amp brands you should look at are Ampeg, Ashdown, Fender or Orange.
Diggy Pearlman: Mesa Engineering are only useful for pro's in production and people with too much cash.

Hope this has helped.

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Is an acoustic guitar or an electric one better for starters?

Hey, I'm planning on playing the electric guitar and I've never actually played a guitar before so I'm wondering if I should start with an acoustic since i don't want to spend so much on stuff.

And which brand should I get?

Posted by Mikki
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I started on acoustic, and that's what I recommend.

For one, an acoustic is more portable…you can take it anywhere.

An electric, you'll have to lug around an amp and a cable, at minimum, plus you're restricted to only those areas that have electricity, meaning you can't very well take an electric to the beach, or camping. (They do make little plug in amps, and also small amps powered by batteries, but that's more expense)

With an acoustic…you'll play more, plus it will help build finger strength much faster then an electric.

For acoustics…try to buy one that has a "solid top." it will last a lifetime, or more. If the ad doesn't say "solid top" it doesn't have one, as solid tops are preferable and the tone of the guitar will improve through the years.

Fender makes some great solid top acoustics for about $250, even Guitar Player magazine likes the low end Fenders.

Best of luck, and find a friend who also plays guitar…you'll improve 10 times faster then you will sitting alone in your room practicing.

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Help for buying guitar !!?

I am thinking of buying my first guitar.I thought of buying an electric guitar as it will be easy to learn.Please suggest any good guitar brands and with prices.Do I need an amp for playing electric guitar? If needed what brand of amp should i buy? Are these brands available in India.
Please also tell me least and highest possibility of money spending in total.

Posted by Pinky M
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Who told you electric guitar was easier to learn? Probably not a guitar teacher!

Anyway, if you want an electric guitar because it fits the musical style you prefer, then by all means get one. You'll probably need to spend around $300 US for a decent beginner electric guitar and amplifier. You can get the starter packs (like a Fender Squier Bullet and a little 10 watt amplifier with a 6" speaker) for less than $200 but they are pretty low quality and will be obsolete in a few months if you develop any real skill at guitar.

So let me put in a plug for an acoustic guitar. For $199 US you can get a really nice Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar with a solid Sitka spruce top. You'll have a pretty good quality guitar that plays nicely and will last you a while. It will be cheaper than an electric guitar and amplifier, you'll be able to play it anywhere, and (here's the kicker) – you'll learn the exact same things on the acoustic guitar as you learn on the electric guitar (neither is easier to learn). Just put light gauge strings on it and it won't be too hard on your fingers. That is one advantage to electric guitar is that the strings are lighter and the action is usually lower so it's a bit easier to fret the strings, but that shouldn't determine which type of guitar you learn on.

Sorry, I'm not too sure what's available in India or what prices would be there.

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