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What are your top 10 guitar amps?

what are your top 10 guitar amps that are under $ 10

Posted by Wael Y
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Under $100?

Um… There ain't much.

I lucked out and had a guy sell me my Peavey Roadmaster 160 Watt Tube head for $125, and all I had to do was fix one fuse holder. Of course I had to buy a speaker cabinet for it, so I got a Peavey Windsor 4×12 cabinet for $300.

I've also got a 1967 Ampeg Gemini 1 tube combo that I found in a pawn shop for $160 bucks.

On top of that, I've got a Fender 100W solid state bass head that someone gave me (and all I had to do was fix one wire going to a fuse holder on it too). I already had a kustom bass combo with a really nice 15" speaker, but the amp was fried, so i just pulled out the amp and used it as a speaker cab.

Someone gave my drummer a brand new Fender GDEC 1×8 15 watt practice amp with built in midi backup drums/bass/keys, a tuner, headphone jack, and RCA inputs, they are $250 new, but I only gave my drummer $100 for it.

I was just playing quite possibly the most bad-azz new combo at a guitar center, it's the Peavey 'Delta Blues' tube amp. 1×15" speaker, not sure how many watts, but it has tubes, so wattage isn't really that important – they are all loud!!
It was like $650 or something. Very nice though, rugged looking – very retro/old fashioned looking.

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I wanna start playing guitar should i buy an acoustic first or an electric?

Id rather play an electric guitar but some one told me i should learn with an acoustic guitar first. And can i get something decent for around a 100 bucks.

Posted by Paul
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This is a highly debated subject. People give a few different reasons to go acoustic so lets break those down.

1) Cost, you don't have to buy an amp with an acoustic. Yes, this is true, but it is also true that for what you will pay for a decent playing solid top acoustic you could have gotten an electric guitar and amp. Someone mentioned amps not coming with effects, but almost all beginners amps will be solid state with built in effects. The Line 6 is a perfect example.

2) Acoustic makes your hands stronger. Again, true, but do your hands need to be strong enough to play acoustic if you only want to play electric? No.

3) Acoustic allows you to hear your mistakes better in the beginning. No one here mentioned this and to me it is the only valid point that can be made for starting on acoustic. Since the acoustic has a more pure sound you can more easily tell if you are doing something wrong usually, but honestly this is no deal breaker to me.

Any guitar teacher will tell you that about 1 in 10 of the people that start learning guitar will actually follow through with it. The other 9 will quit. So the biggest obstacle in learning guitar is just keeping your interest so you don't give up. If you are into AC/DC for instance you won't be happy learning on an acoustic and will be more likely to quit. If you are into Taylor Swift type stuff you'll love acoustic. Also understand that because an acoustic will generally have higher action and thicker strings, it will be harder on your fingers to play it. When you start talking about acoustics under $300 then you have an even harder guitar to play. I have picked up many $200 electrics that played very good. I have never picked up a $200 acoustic that played well. So bottom line, get the type of guitar that your are most interested in, that's all that matters.

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Fender or Epiphone acoustic guitar?

OK, so I'm looking to get a new guitar and am deciding between a Fender CD-60CE and an Epiphone AJ-100 CE. Both are acoustic/electric hybrids and the fender is $265 and Epiphone is $170. I have been playing for 3 years and am at the intermediate level. I can play well but I've never known much about the products. So, which one is better? Should I get a cheaper Epiphone or not-as-cheap Fender? Are there any major flaws with either? If so, which other guitar would you recommend for under $300. BTW, I REALLY prefer cutaway design.


Posted by OMG i want to know
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I own several guitars, one is acoustic. Mine is an Epiphone. My rhythm player has a Fender. Both work pretty well.
When you are buying budget acoustics the variation from one to the next is a lot more than on the expensive ones. Play each one carefully. Play unplugged first, then into an amp. Listen for even response from string to string and up and down the neck. Listen to the tone and the overall volume of the instrument. I once bought an Ibanez flat top and the store had three of the same model. One played better than the other two. Acoustic guitars don't have easily adjustable action so you want one that rings clearly anyplace on the neck you play it. Guitars with piezo bridge pickups can be succeptible to the dreaded QUACK if picked really hard. You will know that sound if you hear it when played through an amp.
Remember that the age of strings has a big influence on tone of an acoustic guitar. If you find one that plays well but sounds dull, old strings could cause that. They won't be as shiny as new ones. The music store might get generous and restring one in such a case, especially if you tell them you intend to buy one or the other. I used to buy from a place that always put a new set on every guitar sold that had hung on display more that 90 days. In this day of corporate owned places like Guitar Center that's not real common now.

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