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Need help with sub/amp combo?

If anyone is selling or knos a place where i can get good sub amp combo for under $200 plz help me out.

Posted by E 4nsw3r5
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Ebay car audio then sub/amp combo,stick with name brand cea rated equipment.rockford fosgate prime series should have something in that price range.craigslist is were everyone sells there broken down equipment because there,s no way to get a refund.they post this crap with a bum phone number if any at all is or sonic also have some good equipment and you can have a live chat with a rep if your having problems.with 2 hundred e bays the way and they have ebay buyer protection so even if you buy used and have problems ebay themselves will refund your money,something craiglist will never do.

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Can I use this on a Combo amp?

I have a line 6 15w spider III amp, and wanted to know if this would be able to work with it
I also have a fender frontman 15 g would it ork with that.

Posted by Jason R
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Technically, you would get some effect from it, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be what you are looking for. The amp you're working with doesn't have a "thru" setting, so you would be running your guitar through a model patch in the pedal, and then another model patch in your amp's preamp section. For a multi-effect/tone modeling pedal to do it's job correctly, you need it to be directly amplified, generally preamping twice through two modeling type effects is not desired. Basicly, if you could skip the modeling section of your amp, you'd be in the money, but that's not possible with the Line 6 Spider III-15. Hope this helps!

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Guitar Amp-recording help?

I finally got a new guitar amp the other day, as I had to sell my old one a while ago. While money is still tight, I got a really good deal on a new Fender Frontman 2×12 100W Combo, I am completly satisfied with the sound and power for the price.
However, the only compromise I made with this purchase is that this amp does not have a line out jack.
I am not completly savvy when it comes to specifications of amps, cuz I never had to worry about that stuff before.
Heres' the riddle:
My new amp has a Pre-Amp OUT Jack, and a Power IN jack.
Can I run a line-out of the pre-amp jack directly into my 8 track recorder and be able to record the sound from my amp?
What exactly/practically would a guitarist use a pre-amp out jack for?
Please help me out so I can finally get my stuff recorded!!!!!!

Posted by bos1on
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Well, if money's tight, you're screwed. You really need to mic your amp, since that's the only way to get the real sound. I suppose an output out of the preamp would work, but it would be severly inferior to recoding with a mic.

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