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What are Good cheap guitar amps?

I am looking for a guitar amp but i dont have very much money. My guitar is and esp viper with emgs. I dont know anything about amplifiers so i was wondering what is the best for the price. I mostly play metal but I play a little of everything. Links Are appreciated.

Posted by Hunter
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Noisy guitar amp please help?

Im kind of a noob when it comes to guitar amps but i have two things i want to know. 1. I have a a square amp with dials across the top its a about 1 square foot. What is the difference between those amps that have no dials and are staked with a head on top with all the dials. What do they do different? And also when i try to tap a solo that has distrotion I have to turn it up to hear it but when i turn it up load enough theres a lot of fuzzing sound coming from my amp. Its not like when you hear a guitar through a CD. Also when I have distortion (this just started to happen) and i move my guitar away from the amp or turn to a different dirrection it cuts of and i cant hear anything. Last thing is what would be the best amp between 100-200 dollars to play metallica like music. Please help.

Posted by ~James~
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Well the amp you have is considered a "combo" because its a head and amp combined, the difference with a stack is that you get alot more power out of it, alot more sound, and in my case (with a line 6 Spider III HD150 on top of a Spider Cab) alot of built in effects, however not all heads have as many, most just have a clean channel and a distorted channel. You can get alot of the exact same features in a combo, the main difference is the power and sound of it all. A good choice would be a twin amp (a combo with 2 speakers preferably 12 inches each) and if your just playing in your house you might want built in effects rather than spending lots of money on effects pedals. Line 6 spider III series has built in metallica effects already programmed in to it, so here's a link to what, in my opinion, would be your perfect amp
and about the way your existing amp sounds, its probably because its only a 10-15 watt amp that is super cheap made, and just doesnt have the power to really sound good at all

if you want a good amp for cheap

or if you can afford this, it would be better

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Which guitar to buy, & ways to learn for a begineer? 10 pts;P?

So I wanna get a guitar for my 16th birthday. I want to get an acoustic or electric acoustic; So what do you think of Ibanez guitars? Should I get one? There's Yamaha or Ibanez or Alvarez 'but Yamaha has high prices' my range is 100$-250$ and which model should I get?
Also I'm thinkin about not taking lessons, I found a teacher on youtube that teaches from scratch; so will i learn & be good at it with that way?
& can you tell me some good ways to learn? N what should I look for when I buy the guitar to make sure it's good.
Thanks in advance C=

Posted by Doaa
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I've been teaching guitar for 30 years and prefer Yamaha acoustic guitars for beginners. I find the Yamaha FG700S to be a very good guitar for the money. It has a solid spruce top and excellent tone compared to laminate top acoustic guitars. It also is a very easy to play guitar and a great value at $199. As a beginner you should not spend extra money on an acoustic electric. You'll just be putting an extra $100 into electronics you don't need on the guitar to learn to play it, plus you'll need to spend an extra couple hundred on an amplifier if you actually want to use the electronics in the guitar. Just spend your money getting a decent solid top acoustic guitar. FWIW, I had an Alvarez guitar as my 2nd acoustic and really liked it but I don't think their quality is what it was 30 years ago when I bought that guitar. Ibanez and Alvarez are ok, but for the money I think Yamaha is a better choice. I tend to steer people away from Fender acoustics and would definitely avoid Dean or any of the big box store guitars like the Gibson Maestro or First Act (or anything made in China and sold on Ebay for under $100).
I haven't had a single student be disappointed with the Yamaha FG700S though. You should go to Guitar Center and check one out. If you really want the electronics, Yamaha has the same guitar with a cutaway and electronics for $299 (you pay the extra $100 for the electronics as I said). I think the model on that is FGX700SC.

EDIT: Just to clear up some of the misinformation given in some of the other replies:
1. An acoustic electric guitar is just an acoustic guitar with a pickup installed (usually under the saddle on the bridge). They typically have a built in pre-amp which allows you to adjust the tone and volume and usually has a built in tuner, however, to amplify the guitar you still have to plug it into a guitar amplifier.
2. You can plug an acoustic electric guitar into any guitar amplifier and it will work just fine. To get the full range of sound though, you should use a high-fidelity acoustic guitar amplifier with a full range speaker.
3. Unplugged, an acoustic electric guitar is just an acoustic guitar. It plays and sounds exactly the same as it would if they hadn't installed the electonics.
4. Otherwise the advice is good. Don't waste money on an acoustic electric until you learn to play and sound good enough that you want to amplify yourself. When you reach that point in your playing you'll probably want to step up to a better grade of guitar anyway and then you can buy a nicer acoustic electric guitar.
5. Lessons are always the best way to learn. If you can afford them, take them. Having someone physically there to demonstrate proper technique and keep you motivated and following a proven pattern of learning is much more effective than searching youtube for random lessons and having no structure to your learning. If you can't afford lessons, at least get lesson books as Courtney suggested and go through them starting on page 1 of book 1. At least they follow a methodical and logical approach to learning. If you can find a good web site that starts with fundamentals and goes through a methodical approach, that would be another good option.

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