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Pedal Dunlop Mini Fuzz

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Does anyone know if Orange Amplifiers makes a bass guitar amp?

And do you know if Line 6 bass amps are good? My father has a line 6 guitar amp and loves it, so i'm guessing the bass amp will be pretty chill too.

Posted by Isabella:D
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Yes, Orange makes bass amps. I'm guessing they're pretty expensive though!

Line 6 bass amps aren't very good; they're modeling amps. This means you don't get much of your bass's actual tone, but the amp's internal processors trying to sound like a different amp. Sometimes they almost get it right, other times not really. There are a lot of way better brands out there for the price. If you're looking for a really small practice amp, check out a Peavey MAX 126 or 158. If you want something a bit more powerful, check out Ashdown or Acoustic.

Hope you find what you're looking for =)

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Guitar Amplifier query…?

Hey, just a quick question help if you can:D
I'm saving up money so im gunna buy a new Amplifier and i was wondering what you thought was the best. I play alternative rock/punk rock (nirvana, r.e.m, pixies etc) and i have a squire strat guitar, i also have a danelectro dan-echo pedal and a chord distortion pedal. At the minute i have a low budget amp and although it sounds ok i have been after something else for a while. The amp needs to be around 15 watt, smallish preferably with Treble, bass and middle tones and maybe other presets. I have been interested in the fender mustang series but not sure of all the pre made tones were a taking the fun out of playing around with effects? I don't wanna spend over £200 as i gunna occasionally spend on stuff ( Taking girlfriend out etc).
Please help if ya can it will be much appreciated :D.

Posted by Ryan B
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Find a good used Marshall G15 R CD which is a LOUD 15Watter, with Reverb and Overdrive on board, as well as with a headphone socket for practice and Line-Out. I got mine for just 30 pounds from a local guitar store, and it's plenty enough for small gigs and is my main practice and travel amp. I have a much larger, heavier 100Watt monster, which is a bit much to take out with me.

P.S. They also did the G30 and G50 models, more Wattage if you want it.

Marceline play axe bass

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How much wattage on a bass guitar amplifier would I need to be heard in the mix with guitars and drums?

I am looking to buy a bass guitar amplifier and I want it to be able to be used for small to medium gigs in like, cafes and community centers and that sort of thing, so I am wondering how powerful would an amplifier need to be (in wattage) to be heard in the mix with two guitars and drums?
(Main playing style would be hard rock and metal)

Posted by Jirb
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300 is a pretty good benchmark. It's powerful enough for pretty much any situation, yet it's not ridiculously overpowered.

Bass amps aren't like guitar amps though… Nearly everybody agrees that tube guitar amps sound the best, and they sound best cranked. Bassists aren't as hard-up for tubes as guitarists though. Most just use solid state amps, which sound the same regardless of volume.

So grab something around 300W and you should be fine. If your guitarists are cranking a couple of 50 or 100W amps, then they aren't musicians; they're assholes. No guitarist ever needs to be that loud.

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