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Fender Frontman 15w mini amp

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Bass Amp Question?

Would I need a speaker to go along with this amp?

Posted by Sam
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No it has a 6 inch speaker built in and that's all a 10Watt amp can power.

This is strictly for practice and very small rooms and will still sound thin.

But it allows you to practice with headphones so you won't be kicked out of the house when you get the urge to play a bit in the middle of the night. It also lets you plug in your CD player or Pod so you can play along with your tunes.

Hey it's only $70

A good set of strings is going to cost almost as much.

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Questions and Answers

What size bass amp do I need to play in a small venue?

I have a fender jazz bass a few good friends and the desire to play a gig within the next few months. Problem is I just have a practice amp. My drummer tells me i need something bigger. We have a half stack for the guitar. Do I need something similar? I heard you can play guitar through a bass amp but you shouldn't play bass through a guitar amp… True? Any suggestions/pointers?

Posted by Marlyce
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It really depends on a few things…probably most importantly, how loud is your guitar player planning on playing through that stack and how much you're looking to spend. You don't necessarily need a half stack…a combo amp will do but I personally prefer a stack. When we play small venues I use a 4X10 Carvin cabinet powered by an Eden Nemesis head (pushes about 275 watts @ 8 ohms) and I rarely have turned it up to 12 o'clock. My personal preference if I wanted to make sure I could handle small to moderate sized venues would be a 2X10 cabinet (8 ohms) and a 1X15 cabinet (8 ohms). You can get 2X10 combos and that would work just fine but I would make sure the amp is powerful enough to power another cabinet in case you need it in the future. My recommendation would be a 400-500 watt amp (@ 4 ohms, around 250-350 @ 8 ohms). I personally like the Markbass LM-III and the Eden WTX500…Carvin is very good as well for both amps and cabinets. Clear as mud?

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Bass amp recommendations?

Hey all, I am looking to get a new bass guitar amp.

Right now I have a Fender Rumble 25w. It was my first amp that I got about 5 years ago. It is finally to the point where I cannot deal with it anymore.

I was reading about various amps and specs but I am a bit overwhelmed by it.

I am leaning away from tube amps because of price (at least from what I have seen).

I am looking to get another combo amp, one sufficient for jamming at home but potential for small gigs.

My max I am looking to spend is $400, but of course I would prefer around 300.

Could some of you give me recommendations, advice, reviews, or anything else to help me out.

I play punk, metal, ska, reggae to give you a feel of the ranges I am lookin for.

Any help? Thanks!

Posted by bored_out_of_mind2003

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