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What is a good, cheap starter bass & amp combo?

I know a lot of stores have pre-set electric bass guitar & amp packs like Target, Walmart and even Guitar Center. But I honestly think I can invest in something much better for about the same price. What do you think about this:

Dean Zone XM Bass Guitar + Peavey MAX 158 Bass Practice Combo Amp {$200}

I'm open to all answers so feel free to recommend anything (under $250 that is).

Posted by Xx45xX
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You're right – buying things separately is usually the better way to go when it comes to starter packs. Basically every starter pack you'll find is really poor quality, and the stuff doesn't usually last very long.

As far as the amp goes, the Peavey MAX is actually a really good choice – Peavey makes some of the best small, cheap, reliable practice amps out there =) …if you want to buy a slightly nicer bass (see below), you could also look at the Peavey MAX 126 – it costs $30 less, and has only 3 watts less and a 2" smaller speaker. This will mean it's not as loud, but other than that, it's the same amp. Volume isn't a big deal when it comes to practice amps anyway; good sound quality is the most important.

Just a tip, if you're looking for a good instrument cable, check out Monster Cables. They're a bit pricier than most cables, but really high quality, AND they come with a lifetime warranty. So when your chord wears out, you just get another one for free =P …so you only have to buy one cable, haha.

I'd stay away from Dean; some people really like the looks of their basses, but their quality is pretty bad until you get to their high-priced instruments.

I'd also warn against getting any bass by Epiphone. Epiphone is like a cheaper version of Gibson, and the quality of Gibson's basses has really gone downhill since they discontinued the Grabber and Ripper (their two best models); all the Gibson basses out nowadays are really overpriced, poorly built, and sound bad. So, you can guess what the quality of Epihpone would be like (hint: really bad =P ). The Thunderbird is an especially notorious model; some people think they're the coolest, but they're really neck-heavy, poorly designed, bad upper-fret access, and sound really muddy.

For a good, cheap bass, I'd recommend Squier or Ibanez.

Squier: Try an Affinity (cheaper) or a Vintage Modified (higher quality) Jazz or Precision. Jazz basses are really versatile, and sound good in almost every style of music with a bit of tweaking. Precisions have a great sound for Punk/Rock, but aren't as flexible. If you want to save money, go for an Affinity. The Vintage Modified series is widely held as Squier's best line of instruments, so if you don't mind paying an extra 100, you'll get a better instrument. That's up to you though.

Ibanez: They make some really nice starter basses; check out one of their GSR series basses. They have really slim, comfortable necks, and sound good in pretty much all styles of music. There's also a version of the GSR200 with a Flamed Maple top; if you like the look better and don't mind paying a little extra, go for it =P

The most important thing, though, is to play the bass yourself before you buy it. Go to a music store with a few in mind, and play all of them. Find which one feels the best, sounds the best, and suits your needs the best – then you'll be set!

Hope you find what you're looking for =)

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Which one should i buy ? Bass or a new skateboard?

Well i have about $280

and i'm thinking about buying both?

My sister has a guitar amp
will that work on bass ?

Should i buy both?

Or spend it on something else?

I dont really want to save up for anything else than those 2 things.

Posted by Jessica L
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GUITAR AMPS DO NOT WORK WITH BASSES. Dont try it. Basses need a bass amp. Im pretty sure a bass would blow out a guitar amp.

The bass but you dont have enough money. So I guess the skateboard then. Unless if you want to save more money for a bass and a bass amp.

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Whats a cheap loud bass amp?

Okay, so I am playing bass in a band. My crappy fender rumble 15 is not close to loud enough. We started a couple months ago and I am now sure I need a new amp to be louder. But I don't have too much money. So what's a good bass amp that's at least loud enough to stand up to a punk rock type band?

I would say my price range is up to 400$ absolute tops. Thanks!

Posted by grant
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Your $400 dollar limit is very restrictive, given the fact that you already have a 150W amp. You might want to consider a used amp, so you can get more power for your money.

Peavy Tour TKO 115 (1×15") 400W (new) – $449.99 (used) – $189
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000 300W 1×15" Bass Combo – $349.99
Marshall MB4410 300W/450W 4×10" Hybrid Bass Combo (used) $357
Marshall MB4210 300W/450W 2×10" Hybrid Bass Combo Amp (used) $294
Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO III 575W 1×15 Bass Combo (used) $441.

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