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My bass amp is only picking up low notes. Whats wrong?

I tried playing my bass earlier, and the amp wouldnt pick anything up apart from really low notes on the low E string :/ what could be wrong?
My bass is a Yamaha RBX 374, my amp is a Behringer BT108
(my bass uses a battery btw, so could it simply be flat?? :/

Posted by HJE1995
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Replace the battery in your bass. Your amp is OK. How do I know this?

Well, the amp just amplifies. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. The amp has no way to tell the difference between the frequencies of the E, A, D or G strings. It just amplifies what ever is presented to it's input.

So, the problem is with the bass, and the batterey is the most likely place to start.

When the battery goes down in an active guitar strange things happen. I had one active bass that would begin to distort when the battery got low. Another would just quit without warning.

So try the battery and I think that will fix your problem.

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What electric bass and amp to buy? ($1100 total for everything)?

I've been playing electric bass for 2 years now. I played Jazz, Blues, Latin, and some Rock, and now I'm getting into Metal and more Rock. I've only played a school bass and school amp up until now, but now I really want to have my own set. I have $1100 to spend on everything; I can go a little bit over, and certainly less. I don't want a really super complicated amp, but one thats good for lots of styles, especially jazz and rock. I want an amp that you can make sound all distorted and cool when you want to, and not so when you don't want it to. Thanks~

Posted by bassinghorsegirl
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My suggestion would be to make sure you invest in a good amp – a good amp can make even an average bass sound great, but a bad amp will make almost anything you play through it sound bad. With that being said, DON'T buy Behringer. Ever.

With your price range, I'd suggest you look in the mid-range of basses and amps.
The best manufacturers of mid-ranged bass guitars are Ibanez and Schecter – you should be able to get a very nice bass from either of those companies for $400-500. Look into the Ibanez Soundgear series (very comfortable necks and playability; the higher-end ones come with sweet Bartolini pickups) or the Schecter Stiletto basses (there's a number of models, but they're all pretty solid). The most important thing, though, is to play the bass before you buy it. For example, some of the Schecter basses have a laquer finish on their necks that some people really don't appreciate, while others are fine with it.
Go to a music store with a few basses in mind, and try to play as many as you can for a while – find which one feels the best, sounds the best, and suits your needs the best – then you'll be set!

As far as amps go, there are a few options for good quality mid-priced gear. Stay away from Behringer like the plague, and also low-end Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg (both GK and Ampeg make some great amps, but their cheaper stuff is really terrible). If you want real simplicity, go for a combo amp – then you have everything in one unit, without buying a separate head and cabinet.

What you get also depends on what settings you plan to be playing in. If you're just practicing by yourself or jamming with a friend, you won't need anything bigger than a good-quality practice amp (Acoustic AB50, Ashdown After Eight/Perfect Ten).
But if you plan to be playing any gigs, you'll need considerably more watts – like 300+. If you're going for a rig this powerful, I wouldn't plan on spending less than $600-700. Check out some stuff by Ashdown, Gallien-Krueger, Hartke (sometimes inconsistent, I've heard), Carvin…
I'd highly recommend Ashdown's MAG line – it would fit perfectly into the price range you're looking for, and they have probably the best sound, quality and reliability you'll find in any rigs less than $1000. (Another bonus is that Ashdown's have really good tonal control, so they can give you a lot of different sounds; perfect if your musical styles are really varied)

Go to Http:// and look them up; there's a lot of different things to choose from, and I can't know exactly what you're looking for without more information =P …there's 1×15", 2×10", 4×10" cabinets, heads that range from 180-600 watts…though it's funny – right now, it costs $300 for the 180W, 300W, AND 600W heads – if you go for this, get a 600W! It's a crazy good deal, if you ask me.

So, let's see…$300-500 for a bass, $200-$700 for an amp (depends on the power you want), and you're looking at $500-1200 for a pretty nice bass rig. Again, this depends how much you're willing to pay for your bass and what kind of amp you want, but that's a general idea =)

I hope you find what you're looking for.

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The best 6.5 and 6×9 speakers for bass in a car?

Title is basically all I need to say.. I like (the names are in order) Rockford Fosgate ,,kicker,,polk audio,,alpine,,pioneer …. And then price comes into play so I would like help finding out what would be the best speakers that would fit my car that has some good bass and are still all around good sound quality

2002 impala //6 3/4or 6.5 both should fit in the doors /// 6×9 on the back self (aftermarket radio)

Pioneer FH-X700BT Double-DIN Car Stereo with Bluetooth that I think has 50 rms watts x4
please keep price in mind and where I would find the speakers you think is right cheapest. Trying to keep it under $150 I would like it to be atleast a 3 way but it doesn't matter I just want good bass thanks to all (((( I need the speakers not worried about getting subs just yet so please only about speaker))))))

Posted by Caleb
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The truthful answer is; Whatever you think sounds the best and that is a personal matter.

However, some want to bypass simple facts and would rather list a load of brands. If only acoustics worked on those simple basis .. But they don't!!


What most consider 'Good Bass' is in actual fact is midbass. I wish people would place less emphasis on subwoofers, and more on really good quality speakers. They'd experience a totally different and better experience ..

But here goes.

1) 2 way, 3 way, 4 way … At that price point, as with 'multiple way' speakers, it won't matter much. A simple 2 way speaker would be fine.

**Pioneer – I've owned a few Pioneers in my time, OK

**Alpine – Some of the best sounding gear I've owned. However I've had three Alpine amps, and many speakers, but i find them a bit thin on bass. In fact I bought .. Took a chance on a pair of Alpine SPR-69 speakers last week, and that gamble has not paid off! There is little to no bass what-so-ever. Great sound, just no bass. Truth is, I get more bass from my DLS Performance 125 speaker (5.25") than i do from the Alpines.

I ended up contacting Alpine, and I'm waiting on them to send me some info (T/S parameters) beyond the basic specs.

Http://… – My Alpines and prospective enclosure project

Http://… – Alpine SPR-69

**Rockford I've only had two experiences with Rockford. Not really interested in a third!
**Kicker (see above)

2) If you want bass, put everything into decent front speakers!

If you want bass, then i suggest properly sound deadening your doors and then 'Investing' in a pair of great speakers. This is what i did. After buying plenty of speakers $100 and below, i decided to put all my money into really good front speakers. I bought a pair of Morel Tempo 6 and I've never looked back. And the Morel's really kick.

Morel Tempo speakers – Http://…

You could look at a pair of Morel Maximo speakers

Morel Maximo speakers – Http://…


Why does one of the best car audio engineers, someone who had recently built for Snoop Dogg, why does he run his Hybrid Mirus directly from his Head Unit, with no amp?

PWK has done a proper door install that's why!! One commentator said; he thought PWK's speakers very amped and processed,


it was about the best sound he'd heard!!

Http:// – Hybrid Audio Miurs speakers

Http://… – Proper door install – watch it all, but for the door install watch from 5:10

Under $100

Make no mistake the best speakers I've ever, ever owned under $100 are from DLS.

DLS are renowned for constantly winning in European SQ (Sound Quality) competitions. The 5,25" Performance speakers (which i recently gave to my girlfriend for her car) hits really hard. But they are simply the best $100 below speakers I've had, period!!

Http://… – DLS

Final words

Sound proof your doors

Invest in decent front speakers

All the best :)

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