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How do i distort a bass amplifier?

I would like to have a distorted sound on my electric guitar but i only have a bass amp. Any tips?

Posted by Max
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Most bass amps are designed to stay clean. The easiest thing is to get a distortion pedal and use that between your guitar and amp.

There are hundreds out there. Boss makes some of the better mass production ones. But, it's all a matter of taste and budget.

Greetings from Austin, TX


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Questions and Answers

Help: Bass Amplifier?

I'm going to start learning the bass and I'm wanting to know if the Ampeg BA108 is a good starter bass amp with a decent sound..?

Posted by SpiderKing
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It seems like an ideal starter amp to me. Its 25 watts, which will provide way more than enough of power and sound for your bass to be amplified. It doesn't have distortion and reverb, but that is to be expected from a bass amp. Also make sure to remember that bass amps really shouldnt be used with a regular electric guitar, as bass amps work at their prime when operating in the lower frequencies of a bass guitar.

Questions and Answers

Can i sing through a Bass amplifier?

So the only amp i have at home is a Brand X-15B Bass amp. I play bass as you can tell but i bought a dynamic microphone and can i get all of what i can get from my vocals using this amp? Or is their any small amps i can use for practice. I sing death core LOW vocals if that help as well.

Posted by Emerica.888.Kr3w
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Your bass amp probably won't reproduce your voice very well, even though you sing "death core LOW vocals." Try looking for a small solid-state (not tubes) acoustic guitar amplifier. Sometimes people sing through these and play acoustic guitar at the same time and they sound pretty good. But these kinds of amps aren't very loud, so you'll have to keep the volume down on your bass or you'll never hear your vocals. More watts, more volume.

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