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Jbl cs300.1 amp for two 10"?

I just got two 10" jbl subs with a jbl cs300.1 amp and a power cap. The power cap isnt hooked up atm but my question is. Can this amp power these two subs, because at this moment i have it hooked up to what i think is somewhat decent. The 3 blue lights come on the amp and i can feel the subs hit, but its really weak. Is it just the amp isn't big enough to push my subs or do you think i have something hooked up wrong so that it wouldnt be hitting as hard as it should now. Helpppp.

Posted by MusicKrazed
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It takes power to make power..

Leave the cap out.. Even better sell it to a buddy and buy a 4g or 0g wiring kit instead. Do a Big Three upgrade and fit an Optima Red Top battery, that'll prevent any power issues.
The 0g is pretty cheap: Http://…

Here's how to do the Big Three upgrades: Http://…

OK, now that amp is probably a bit small for a pair of subs, as its only 300WRMS.

If you can afford a bigger amp (say 800WRMS) I'd go for that instead. This units 700WRMS, but a lot more expensive than your CS was: Http://…

What are your settings on the amp like ? I'd suggest setting it like this:
Gain 1/3rd (10 o'clock position)
Bass booster off
Subsonic 30hz (if you have one)
LPF 120Hz

If you're not satisfied with the bass, then you definitely need a bigger amp.

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1/4 Size Upright Bass for 5'1" Young Adult?

I am an intermediate violin player who has been playing for about six-seven years. I recently became interested in changing to the double bass, and encountered a 1992 Engelhardt M3 (1/4 size) bass. For one my size, should I resort to this bass, or should I still go for the 3/4 size?

(If it shall assist, I would like to pursue classical/arco and jazz studies on the bass. I have heard that Engelhardts often lack the depth of arco sound, although I am unsure about the validity of this statement.)

Thank you for your time!

Posted by ping_n_pong
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The proper way to know the correct size bass to play is while standing behind the bass in playing position, the fingerboard nut should be at the top of the ear, and the right hand should be able to comfortably draw the bow from frog to tip. The first and fourth fingers of the left hand should be able to easily span a whole tone (E-F#) on the D-string in the first position. You would need a 3/4 or possibly a 1/2 but I think that will still be too small. Keep in mind that the bigger the instrument, the better the sound. For the bass to have its best sound for its pitch, it really should be another 10" larger than the 3/4, but that would make it impossible to play by a human.

Engelhardts are very nasty quality plywood basses. Old Kay's as far as older plywoods go are a great choice for blue grass, and jazz, still not very good for classical. Here is some more info on ply wood basses and some modern well made ones..
• Plywoods tend to have a more 'hollow' sound compared to a carved wood bass
• Plywoods tend to amplify better, they sound better through the amp than acoustically
• Plys tend to put out less volume.
• Plys usually don't bow too well (sound-wise). This is where you really notice a huge difference.
• Ply basses seem to be generally set up with less tension (less string angle across the bridge) which makes them play differently.
• The dynamic range of plys tends to be a lot narrower.
• Plys tend to have a lot less clarity in tone.
• Plys tend to do better with pickups that compress a lot (Underwood, Fishman)
• Playing plywood after a wood bass is really a let down.

Thompson Plywood ($1500) Http://…
Thompson Hybrid ($2200) Http://…
Christopher Plywood ($1800) Http://…
Shen Plywood ($1500) Http://…
Eastman model 80 Plywood ($1800) Http://…

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Good starter bass packs?

Hey I'm looking for some good starter bass packs, anything between 400-600 dollars.
Active pickups would be nice because I like rock/metal, also a guitar that can be down tuned without sounding muddy would be nice, and I would like something that produces a good sound when slapped.

But all the top information can be ignored if you know some great beginner starter packs.

Also after I buy a beginner amp/bass pack I'm looking at buying 5 string Ibanez BTB, is this a good bass?

Also what are some great heavy metal (death metal, nu metal and other low tuned style) bass guitars?

Posted by Tyler
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Honestly, most beginner packs are not a good deal. Beginner packs are a way of selling a really crappy amp that no one would buy otherwise. The bass or guitar in these packs are usually fine, but the amps are junk. The Acoustic B30 is a decent beginners amp. It gives you a 12" speaker where most amps in that price range give you an 8" or 10". It is $179. Not sure which basses have active pups in your price range, but I'm sure some do.


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