Used Peavey Guitar Amps

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Questions and Answers

Peavey guitar amps?

Is this a good amp or a rip off? Is it fake or is it a good tube amp? I don't want a bad one.

I play metal, rock, blues, everything but country
I play metal, rock, blues, everything but country.

Posted by Jon
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Thats a good amp for the money…at that retailer.

You could get a used marshall for that same money at a momandpop retailer I bet.

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Upgrading guitar amps?

I've been using an old Peavey TNT 100 for about the last 4 years and I bought it used to begin with, and I'm looking to upgrade.

Brands, and size would be great recommendations, it needs to be reasonably mobile, but not small 10 amps. :)

Posted by Name
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Marshall mg series dfx50 50 watt

fucking brilliant amp in my opinion can play any type of music

always reliable not that heavy to move around

and as its got marshall on it you are guaranteed quality.

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