Peavey Steel Guitar Amps

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Guitarists: whats your guitar(s) and rig?

All i have is Schecter C-1 Artist (main guitar obviously) and a knockoff strat

and for the rest i have

peavey vypyr tube 60 watt with the sanpera II footswitch

i have only been playing for a little over a year so its good for me until i can afford better
post links to pics if you have them

i would but my camera is giving me problems and i didn't take pics when i got them.

Posted by Damian
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Jimmy Vaughan Strat
Squire Vintage Modified H-S Tele
60's Pan Trini Lopez Copy
Parker P-44
Http://… (Parker is the natural mahogany, Hamer is the jazz box lying down. I no longer own the purple Ibanez or the blue strat copy)
DeArmond M-75
Gibson Explorer
70's Mosrite Copy (Univox Hi-Flier?) Http://…
Hamer Echotone
80's Suzuki Acoustic
70's Applause Acoustic
Garrison Acoustic/Electric
Fender MIM Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 String
Unknown Brand Lap Steel
Unknown Brand Soprano Ukelele


Fender Blues Jr.
60's Traynor YBA-2
Peavey Vypyr 15


Boss Space Echo
Boss Tremelo
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
Snarling Dogs Whine-O Wah
Digitech Hyperphase
Digitech Digiverb
Digitech Multi Voice Chorus
Boss Metal Zone
Boss Super Overdrive
Digitech Sreamin' Blues
Digitech Digidelay
Boss Digital Delay

Joe – Glad you like it. That old Univox or whatever it is is the most awesome sounding guitar… Only cost me $150… Those old P90s just snarl, and I'd probably give up my Gibson if I had to choose just one of them. Finding that one was just sheer luck. The other real find is my most recent, the DeArmond… Some of the best pickups I've ever heard. I could have sold that guitar 3 times before I left the store with it… I literally had people begging me for it.

Which amp and cable would be good for my Rogue Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

1. Peavey Vypyr 15 15W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp
link: Http://…

2.Crate FlexWave FW15R 15W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp

3.Crate FlexWave Series FW15 15W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp

4.Crate Profiler 5 Guitar Combo Amp

Posted by jamessknockout
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The cable part is easy:
As a long time musician, I can confidently say an Belden cable would serve you well. Especially if you can get one with gold-plated plugs. These are the industry standard and are found in most studios, including television studios.
Keep the length to no more than 2', since you will suffer signal loss with longer lengths.
Try to avoid stepping on the cables: this can break the tiny wires inside and that will result in a noisy signal, or none at all.

It is my understanding Monster cables are also quite good.

As for amps, your choice will depend on what kind of sound you're striving for. The selections you listed seem to all be tube-amp emulators, and not all that powerful: I used to have a 200 watt Peavy Reno amp for my acoustic-electric ( it had a 15" speaker…) but it appears that is no longer being made.
I was quite happy with it, although it got to be a chore packing it around- it was getting heavy as I..I mean, it…. Got older.
Sometimes I would play my Guild acoustic at 10…. I sometimes called my group "the loudest Bluegrass band on earth…"

If you were trying for a nice acoustic sound, I'd recommend one of the Peavy keyboard amp, such as the 60 W KB 3:

Another great choice would be the Peavy Nashville, which is actually meant for steel guitars.


If these amps are more than our budget allows, I like the specs and features on the Peavy you listed, but it has 8" speakers. I would rather choose an amp with the larger 12" speakers. This allows for a better reproduction of the lower frequency sound waves. It's pretty near impossible to accurately reproduce a 10" long sound wave with an 8" speaker cone.

I should qualify that last bit by explaining my points of reference and opinions about this are from the 1980s. Things may have changed….

As a generalization, Peavy amps are pretty much bullet proof (not literally, of course) and quite dependable. Which is why so many touring artists use them. But in this case the Crate FlexWave 1×12 (#2) has the slight edge.

It just doesn't seem to have the range of tube amp emulation profiles the Peavy does.

Maybe you should start a collection…they're not that expensive, so buy one of each as income from gigs allows….. :-)

Any of these would be okay for gigs in the smaller venues available these days, and since they have record out lines, you can run the signal into the sound system's main mixing board.

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