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Is this guitar brand good for me? And is the price good?

I am looking at a fender star-caster electric guitar. I am a beginner but have played my friends electric guitars before and I was pretty good. I am 14 and I am going to get lessons too.

This set comes with the guitar, an amp, a case, a stand, extra strings, picks, straps, stand, a tuner, and an instructional dvd for $165(new)it use to be $199 but I assume the price is going down because today is christmas. (also free shipping)

Is this a good price? Is this a good guitar if I become more than just a beginner or even if I am a beginner? Also do you think the price will go down a few days after Christmas or do you think that $160 is the lowest it is going to get?
(it comes with an amplifier)

Posted by Alex
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Hello there,

The Fender Starcaster is a Strat type guitar Fender has made for sale through certain big box stores like department stores. It is a low end low quality guitar. It is roughly equivalent to the lowest end of the Squier line, the SE. I see them sell new for anywhere from $120 to $189. I have seen flea market guitar dealers sell new ones for $89. A used Starcaster will sell for maybe $50.

I would never recommend a starter pack from any brand. The amps in those are an absolute waste of money. They are lousy no matter what brand. Get your guitar and amp separately so you can get a decent amp. Most beginners under estimate the importance of the amp and speakers in how they will sound. You only sound as good as your speakers no matter what guitar you are playing. A decent amp will cost you more than $100 new. More like $200.

Frankly, you would be better off getting a Squier Strat. Even the cheaper models like the Bullet and Affinity are much better than the Starcaster. Also look for a used guitar for your first guitar. Used guitars sell for about half the new price.

I started playing in 1957. So I have played Fender guitars for over 50 years. The Starcaster is not a very good guitar. When I got first guitars for my 5 nephews and 2 neices a few years back, I got them Peavey and Squier. I did not think a Starcaster was adequate to learn on. You may not yet have the experience to tell a decent quality beginner guitar from a poor quality beginner guitar. You may see nothing wrong with it. When I pick up a Starcaster to play it, I think this guitar need some fret work to make it feel better. I think the bridge is sloppy and probably will not stay in tune. I think the tuning pegs may slip and the guitar go out of tune as I play. I realize the pots are extremely cheap and make the tone poor on it. These are all things that you can fix, if you have the experience of working on guitars. Those cost too much to pay to have done. There are some better guitars in the same price range, like the Squierr Bullet. Do a little more looking around before you buy.



Okay so I've always had a love for music and for years people kept telling me "You should really learn the guitar blah blah blah" So I finally talked it over with my parents and i'm going to be buying my first acoustic guitar! I looked on Kijiji for guitars in my area and i've found the Fender CD-69 black acoustic guitar for sale for 150$ It's like new (he's never really played it) and I don't know if i should get it or not..
I have never played guitar before although I am able to read notes and when i took violin lessons at like age 6 I was able to play by ear. I'd still be taking lessons and i just wanted to know if this would be a good guitar for me? I wouldn't be playing shows or anything, Id'e just be fooling around in my spare time. Also I don't know if this really matters but I would be playing Punk rock alternative songs, I am totally not into country so yeah? I am totally open for other suggestions as long as there not too expensive because i am on a budget (: thank you all!!

Posted by Sarah
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Two thoughts.

"I would be playing Punk rock alternative songs"

That tells me you should consider an electric instead of an acoustic. A cheap Ibanez, Epiphone, or Squier would probably fit the bill for a nice starter guitar. You'd also need an amp. Once again, a cheap Fender, Peavey, etc… Some guys will tell you that an acoustic is the best way to start because it's a little harder to develop basic skills on and builds finger strength. And they're probably right. But I think it's really important to keep yourself motivated too. You'll sound a lot more like the guitarists you like with an electric. Not that there aren't uses for acoustics in punk or alternative. It's just that most of the sound is electrics.

If you do decide to go with an acoustic, I'd look at Yamaha, Takamine, or Epiphone. Fender is known for its electric guitars. Fender acoustics are not that great and you can get much better deals in the same price range.

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