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Questions and Answers

What kind of amplifier do I need?

Looking to set up a speaker system for my house at school we have 3 sets of 2 outdoor speakers ( Http://… ) and also a subwoofer that i do not know what it is called and possibly some other speakers.

Not to sure how to connect it all up but looking for a way to do so and of course the cheapest is the best not looking quality looking for loudness
if anyone can just point me in the direction of what i might need
Looking for some quality obviously most of came off differently but could you show me what you mean by the first solution. It sounds like the best/easiest solution.

Posted by Brendan
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All loud and no quality isn't worth having. Wd dnnjinzshh go t the shhhtli re eee for the nsst rashhh.
Fat lot of good,
Would danny Jones go to the start line ready for the next race will get Danny's attention.
If it's for loud thump thump disco music, OK, who cares what the words are?

The link is to low senstivity 50 watt speakers. 87dB is low. 100-20k is OK.
You will be better with 95dB or above speakers for outdoors but 87db is OK indoors but not loud loud as in loud.
Also the impedance is not showm, 8 ohms is good, normal for hifi good stuff.
4 ohms is OK for going loud with less quality. The amp will have a lower damping factor at 4 0hms. Yurgh!

Three ways
A 50 watts mono or stereo PA or stage amplifier from a good maker like Peavey having six or eight outputs for speakers.
Connect a speaker to each output.
Tape Out or Pre-Out are signal outputs from an amp. Connect either into the signal input of a powered subwoofer. Some amps have a Sub Out output so use that instead.
All done.Proper jiob.

A surround sound home hifi amp used in mono if you wish, which has loads of speaker outputs plus a sub output. Connect as before.
The satellite speaker connections on those are sometimes of low power since they only handle mid and high notes so it isn't a great option.
How to connect them is always shown in the instruction book, should you be lucky enough to get a new one.

Third way, even worse but cheap.
A 50 watt mono or stereo amp with one or two sets of speaker connections.
Make up a series/parallel chain of the speakers to keep the impedance reasonable but that gives lower quality and decreases the frequency response of the speakers.
Two 8-ohm speakers in parallel give 4 ohms resultant impedance,
Three lots of those in series gives 12 ohms load to the amp for the six speakers.
An amp having 50 watts at 8 ohms will drop to around 30 watts at 12 ohms.
To get 50 watts use a 70 watts at 8 ohms mono PA amp
Advantages are cheaper amp and much less cabling required., saving cable costs.
It'll sound like a railway station speaker at high volumes. Rough…..
Adding a sub will give a caacophanous jumble of Cor!! Hear that bass!!
Decently educated ears will not be happy. Party kids won't long as it's loud.
Speeches will be a disaster in a resonant room.

You can find Peavey and similar amps in music shops selling guitars etc. Marshall and Fender are other top brands. Look in the window notices first for amps for sale second hand and ask the shop guy if he knows of any.
Typical one looks like this
This kind is OK if it has outputs for enough other speakers but the first kind is best. All amp and no speaker built in.
Hook up the speakers and get a lead to connect a sound source like a CD player or a turntable, and get a reasonable quality microphone from the music shop for $50 -$70. A good make and easy to find is Shure.Pioneer do good ones at budget prices too.
Speaker cable can be ordinary 5 amp or 10 amp or similar 2-core lighting cable bought on a 300 foot drum or whatever you need. That's the cheapest way to buy it.
Plugs are bought from the music shop and are easy to fix onto the cable.
Just push the bared wire ends into the two holes and screw down the retaining screws or get the solder type and somebody around will have soldering knowledge.
All set then. Run a party with it, disco, speech days, sports days, all sorts.

What is the best electric guitar amplifier money can buy?

Hypothetically lets say money is not an option, whats the best guitar amp? Im just curious.

Posted by Swk0726
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"Best" at what? Tone? Man, that's really subjective.

There's an amp called a Trainwreck that was designed by a guy named Ken Fischer that's almost legendary. Supposedly while he was designed it, he would move tubes and components around a mm at a time and then place them where he though they sounded the best.

Brad Paisley, David Lindley, and other have said this was the holy grail of amps.

Sadly, Ken passed away in 2006. There are several companies building clones now but the people who have played the originals say nothing comes close. If you can find one for sale now they're going for between $30-40,000!

Another legendary amp is the Dumble, made by Howard Dumble. They've been described as a really great Fender on steroids. These amps were played by David Lindley (again, what an amp ho!), Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Santana, and Eric Johnson. And again, Howard was very much into component placement and signal path routing. Each amp was literally custom built for a customer. But, his business model wasn't the greatest. You sent him $10-15,000 for the amp, and then waited 6 months to 1 year. If someone with a bigger name than you came along and wanted one, he would sell your amp to them. If you called him and bugged him, he would just send your money back (kind of like the soup nazi on Seinfield). But, if you got one, it was an amazing experience. I got to play on a Dumble Overdrive Special, and it was like the guitar was playing itself.

Supposedly, there are fewer than 300 of them in existance now. Since the 80's, Howard has been covering the circuits in epoxy to keep people from ripping off his design. However, some have been "de-gooped" and copied. The most famous Dumble clones are made by Fuchs amps, and are available for about 1/10th the cost (Joe Bonamassa is a big Fuchs amp user).

These amps are in the clean to mid-gain class, so if you're a blues or pop or rock player you'll probably love 'em. If you're a metal guy, then they ain't gonna do it for you. You'd probably want to try to seek out a Lee Jackson modified Marshall from the 80's. Lee was one of the original amp hot-rodders, and eventually started selling his own line of amps (Perfect Connection, Metaltronix, and he designed for Ampeg for a while). Lee's in Austin now, supposedly working on the ultimate digital/tube hybrid amp.

If you can find on of his modded Marshalls, you'll pay $5-8000 for one.

FInally, I've gotta give props to Kendrick Amplifiers. Gerald Weber is the owner and head amp guru there (and a fan of my band The Rhythm Dawgs even though I play a digital amp). Gerald probably knows more about vintage Fender amps than anyone else out there, and is now building his own signature model for around $5000 that's one of the sweetest amps I've ever heard. Being a technical guy, I usually hate the artsy-fartsy descriptions people use when describing tone, but that amp truely has what I consider a 3-d sound that just envelops you.

My ultimate amp that I've owned? Believe it or not, it was a Peavey Ultra 60 1-12 combo from the late 80's. There was just something about the little amp that really let me play well. I'm still kicking myself in the head for selling that thing.

I supposed that if I was going to buy another amp right now, and had a few thousand to throw down on it, I'd be looking at a Mesa Boogie Roadster or a Marshall JVM. Just my opinions.

Greetings from Austin, Tx


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