Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amp

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What guitar amps can you recommend?

I was going to get the peavey vypyr 70 but looks like they're discontinued now, I might get the peavey vypyr 30, but is there any other amp with a similar price that you could recommend? I play rock/metal.

Posted by Generic White Male
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Look into a used Peavey Bandit 112. It is not a modeling amp. It is a real pro amp that sounds amazing, and has a great overdrive channel that can be manipulated to sound very good. And the clean channel is really good too.
It has plenty of power. 80 watts.
I used it during my last pro band or a few years. So did the band leader.

Unless you need the amp to have effects on it. Then you might look into Line 6 amps as well as the Vyper.
Also the Fender Mustang amps look like they have possibilities.

But with modeling amps, on the distortion effects, you cannot turn the guitar down and lose some distortion. It is distorted all the way down to 0 on your guitar volume. Which can be a pain.
I really like the Bandit 112. They are less than $200 used. $350 new.

That is a reason tube amps are good. You can turn your guitar down and it will be clean, but when you turn it up, the more you turn it up, the more it distorts.

Best guitar amp under $300?

I play mainly indie rock/classic rock.

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I really liked the Peavey Bandit 112. New they are about $3-$350. You could get one used for less than $300

I used it when playing as a pro in club venues. Awesome tone. Perfect for classic rock (which is what we played)

(actually every time I have played in pro bands, I have always used Peaveys)

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