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Peavey Vypyr Clinic Tour 2011 im September – feat. Benny Young

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Questions and Answers

Are Peavey Vypyr amps as bad as they say?

I'm buying a Peavey Vypyr 75 Watt amp for practice(getting over drums)/gigging and I tried it out in stores and went through a lot of the amp and it seems weel worth it to me, but, why do people hate them so much? For $300 it's the best you can get unless you go for soem million dollar tube amp. And PLEASE, do not tell me to get a tube amp. I really don't want one(okay I lied, I do, but Im not saving EVERYTHING I HAVE, Im 14 for gods sake lol).

Posted by Guitar Player Forever
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The Vyper is a great amp! Especially for a beginner. It has plenty of great features and very usable tone. For the price it can't be beat. There are a lot of snobs out there that will tell you that tube amps are just better than solid state amps. While there is some truth to this I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of great sounding solid state amps out there too. It really depends on the user. By taking some time and experimenting with the controls you can easily conjure up some cool sounds. This is a great amp for your situation. It is loud enough to compete with an acoustic drum set, is very reliable, and has good enough tone for gigging in garages or small stages and backyards. It has some very cool effects built in so you do not have to blow a bunch of cash on pedals. I definitely recommend getting the full size footswitch that enables you to fully utilize all of the amps capabilities.
Eventually you may decide to get an expensive tube amp, but this amp will serve you well until then.

Peavey 300 combo Bass Amp…Buzzing, pots scratchy. Help!?

I just got a Peavey 300 bass combo amp and boy is this thing HUGE! Now theres is a few problems. First, the amp has a tendency to buzz while im playing. If i let a note ring, it buzzes a bit then makes some strange sounds then note ceases to ring out. It is really strange. Im thinking the amp is not grounded correctly?

Also, how do i fix scratchy pots?

And third, my bass seems to have a buzzing problem as well (only wen not touching any metal, of course). It is a brand new Fender vintage mod jazz bass, so it should be grounded well, so whats the problem?


Posted by mike
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The weird overtone while playing is probablyPower Supply Filter Capacitors–they go bad with age.

That also can account for hum/buzz while not playing.

The sypmtoms You're describing are stereotypical of "ALL" amps.
Especially on BASS NOTES (even including Low Notes on Guitar Amps)
Ghost Notes,,bizarre overtones,odd-order harmonics,,Weak,Soggy,Fuzzy Bass.
Just Bad Capacitors.

That's a Very Nice amp,,Peavey is Great Stuff.
They introduced it in '77,,I think?

Caps only are SOLID for maybe 5~6 years,,,some go as far as 10yrs but are VERY marginal at that age.
To resolve the issues—
It's NOT something the "average person" would want to try doing theirself.

Anyone who Does have any skills/experience with repairing Electronics CAN do it,,,it's not a bad job to perform.
But Fooling with Electrolytic Capacitors that Size on Mains power is like fooling with Live Wires.
And the Caps need to be "Formed" —a special electrical treatment/procedure–before installing them.
It's a DANGEROUS do-it-yourself deal.

Being a SolidState Amp—getting them serviced is TRICKY.

The problem is NOT with being Repairable/Serviceable,,,
it's with finding somebody Qualified to do it RIGHT.

My best suggestion is to Contact Peavey directly,,,and ASK for a Refferal to qualified Individual or Shop.

They're Great Folks,,and usually always glad to help.

You Might even be able to send it to Peavey,,I dunno.

Or at least get direct recommendations from somebody for a Local shop.

Just cuz a place has a sign that sez,,"We Fix Amps" dont mean SQUAT.
And a "SHOP" is only as good as the Particular,Individual Repairman at the bench.
Those guys often come & go and move around.

So,,,it's Possible that "A GREAT SHOP" last year or 2 years ago when they fixed Your Buddie's Amp,,,,
Dont even have anybody real sure how to plug the things in TODAY.

Sounds STUPID,,I know…
But thats the reality of how it goes.

One other "dilema" is the expense—-the Amps can currently be bought pretty cheap(Stoopid Cheap for as good of an Amp as they are).
Repairs,,,even just "service" & Re-Cap,,can cost as much as the Amp itself did.

Which is often the reason Amps get sold/replaced.
MANY amps are built with marginal Size/Rating/Quality components.
The idea is that they are sorta "Disposable"—by the time 1 or 2 items wear out,,,it's the start of a chain-reaction where everything is wore out & waiting to fail.

In my opinion,,,Your Peavey is worth the $$ to get it fixed right.
The amps have a ton of features and are very high quality,,,and should last you many years of trouble free service.

Regardless of my opinion on that,,,
YOU still are gonna have to take it somewhere & get an estimate on what it'll take to make it right.
Then decide for yourself if it's worth the expense.

Not my place to even say this,,,,and frankly I have no idea of current prices on Amp Servicing….
But,,I'd say it's worth spending $100~150 to get it fixed right.
IF the speakers are good and dont need attention,,
You probably can get it fixed for that much or Less.

And end up with a heckuva nice amp

Good Luck with it.

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