Peavey Acoustic Amp

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Questions and Answers

Is a Keyboard Amp usable with an acoustic guitar?

I want an amp for my Takamine acoustic/electric guitar and for my keyboard. Are there amps that will work with both? If so, could you name a few brands(and/or models) of amps?

Posted by SNSDfann2
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Yes, a good keyboard amp will work well for an acoustic guitar with a built in pre-amp. Keyboard amps work much better that a guitar amp for acoustic guitar because they are "full range" and usually have a tweeter and a woofer.

Pretty much any good keyboard amp will work well:


Roland, Behringer or Peavey. Behringer will give you the best bang for the buck.

Mini guitar amp good choice?

I have a epi les paul junior, and im new to playing electric (im used to play acoustic extensively). Is a mini guitar amp a good idea (like this one for 20 dollars)
or should i just save up and get a regular amp, keeping in mind it will probably take me until december to save up?

Also, does a mini guitar amp require a cable? If it does, ill probably just save up to get a fender 15r.

Posted by skater
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No u shouldnt get that mini amp…those are used for when u travel and cant take the big amp everywhere and yes all amps require a cable which i recomend you get the brand monster, they are about $15-$20 depending on the length you want…also if you go to guitar center you should find small 15 watt amps that are a little bigger than a shoebox for like $50, and for the brand marshall, peavey, or line six should do the job…good luck!!

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