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Mellow blues 6-1-12.MP4

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Questions and Answers

Keyboard or Electric Guitar?

Trying to get into playing an instrument AS A HOBBY not as a career.
I like these instruments both so which one should I buy.

I've seen some pretty cheap/ affordable electric guitars at best buy around $200. My budget will not go beyond this obviously. Also why are there some guitars that cost over $800? What difference does it make having a $200 and an $800 dollar guitar.

Keyboard wise, I heard you need at least 88 keys but those cost around $300-$500. I guess I can afford a 61 key keyboard.
Piano isn't a choice since my room wont fit one.
NOTE: I said as a HOBBY, I'm not looking for the top notch instrument, will a $200 electric guitar be enough?

Posted by Khandaker
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Don't forget about an amplifier!

Here's a suggested list for you.
I suggest .73 mm size.


Altogether, that will give you everything you need for about $240.

The guitar is decent and has a humbucker pickup for a better hard rock or metal sound.
I actually have that amp and it is really good and has all the essential guitar effects built in. Plus it comes with a cable and a tuner (the amp also has a built in tuner)

For an idea of how it can sound, see:

Starting at 2:00 Using essentially the same equipment I listed above, I recorded this recently. Only the guitar was different, but it was still a Squier and cost me only $20 more. They are usually found for $150-$180 now. So you can sound that good with the stuff I suggested.

As a guitar option, you could get this one for $10 more

These are the minimum prices for good sounding equipment and guitars good enough to last you for years.

A guitar is the best instrument for a casual player and you can do many varieties of music easily. Keyboards are a bit more difficult. You'd want a 76 key one. 61 key models lack certain keys that can be needed.

As far as the difference in prices, guitars vary in the type of pickups, woods,quality and types of bridges and pickups and tuning machines and electronic components and many other factors.

A cheap guitar can sound good in the hands of an experienced player. A expensive guitar cannot rescue a bad one.
So get a decent enough cheap guitar from a reputable company with a good amp and you can have the capability of sounding like a pro.

Peavey valveking 100w guitar amplifier head?

Can you use the peavey valveking 100watt guitar tube amp head without a cabinet, or do you need the speaker cab to produce sound?

Posted by Kirk
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A guitar head is useless without a speaker cabinet. No speakers, no sound. Period.

And a word of warning…never turn a tube head on without a speaker (or other load) attached. You'll be replacing the output transformer on your amp.

Not to rain on your parade, but why do you need a 100 watt amp? Tube amps sound best when you crank 'em up and get the output section cooking. Unless you're playing very large venues, you'll never be able to turn that amp up. Also, the Valve King is not exactly one of Peavey's stunning achievements in engineering. I see quite a few of those come in for repair…mostly with complaints of noise and just "bad sound" in general.

Maybe you should look at getting a better, lower wattage amp. A 50 watt head can still do some damage.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX

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