Orange Crush 35LDX Amplifier

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Can using a cheap amp ruin my guitar?

So i bought a amp for 1.25 cents plus 10.00 dollars shipping on ebay…. And i was going to get a 50 dollar electric guitar to play with and focus on my mandolin, but then instead i bought a 400.00 dollar handcrafted guitar that normally cost upwards of 3 thousand dollars to buy directly from the luthier… So now i don't know if i can trust this 11 dollar amp because i used cheap cell phone chargers that made by buttons stop working on my cell phone.

Is there anyway a amp could hurt my 3 thousand dollar guitar.

Posted by gd
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It won't hurt the guitar at all, but it will sound so f*cking bad that you might as well be dragging the guitar across the pavement. Get a better amp.


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Best practace amp for between £100-£200?

What is the best sounding practace amp for my price range? I would like some effects built in and also i dont want it too big so that i can take it around with me to band practace ect. I have been looking at the Orange Crush PiX CR35LDX Guitar Amp is it worth the money and is it a good amp in general?
I like to play a lot of punk and indie rock, but i also like to play a lot of foo fighters, nirvana and rhcp just to let you know what kind of sound im looking for.

Posted by FL1201
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The Orange Crush sounds pretty good. I've had a Crush, Tiny Terror, Dual Terror and Micro Terror so I'm an Orange fan in general. But, for what you like to play I'd get the Fender Mustang II instead like Zubin said.


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Ok i mite get a guitar soon and i have a few questions 1:wht guitar (low price) 2: how do u play it and where do i get the guitar sheets for a song (plug in baby by muse) ?

Posted by synchro man
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All answers except Gene's are great answers. I have bought quite a few guitars and my favourite choice for a beginner metal head is a cruiser by crafter RG600. I got mine for £60 from ebay and its fantastic. Matt Bellamy(the guy from muse) mainly uses telecaster guitars so you could get one of them from someone like squier. Ibanez guitars are fantastic for shredding and anything metal really. You will also need to consider getting an amp if you are going for an electric guitar. Orange Micro crush amps are great for beginners as they are really cheap with a great sound and they have an onboard tuner.
For your second question, you should learn to read tab. Tab or Tablature is a much more common form of guitar music and it is easier to read than sheet music. Try Http://
That site is great for tab music. Before you go straight into learning songs I would have to suggest to learn more basic techniques and stuff first as MUSE arent exactly the easiest songs to learn so you will need to know what you are doing first. Use Youtube for some beginner guitar lessons or my favourite website is: Http://
This is the best site I can find for learning guitar and its free. Send me a message with your musical interests and I can give you some better recomendations. Also I have a youtube account which I post vids of me playing and testing guitar stuff. Im gonna be putting some instructional stuff on there soon.

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