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Any suggestions on a decent budget Amp for bedroom blues/rock guitar practising?

I am only looking to spend £50-70 on an amp, a mate suggested an Orange Crush 10, he said it had a nice vintage sound and I do want something that sounds quite vintage, any other suggestions tho?

Thanks in advance!!!

Posted by bootcutboy
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I suggest the little Line 6 spider IV practice amp. It has 4 channels, and I believe the crunch channel is right up your alley. It also has effects as well. Very good practice amp for the money. I paid around 100 US dollars new. Believe me, I'm a tube amp fanatic, but for practice and jamming at home, you cant go wrong with it. Good luck.

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Whixh amp is better?

I was thinking of either a crate 15w or an Orange 10w

for a beginner



i wanna get a good all genre amp

any suggestions other than these.

Posted by Num
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The orange seems like a better amp. I never hear of crate so i wouldnt trust it too much.

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Guitar Amps? Need Help?

I have just started to learn guitar, and have a squire telecaster. I need a small amp for home use and practice etc. I have seen two amps that i like but don't know which one to buy. I like the Marshall MS2 Micro amp and the Orange micro crush. But which one, or any other good practice amps around this price? Thanks.

Posted by Bob Bobby
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What the people answering your question don't seem to realize is that the amps you're looking at are the micro version. They are very, very small (6 inches tall sort of thing) and very low wattage (1-3). They are tiny little things and are only meant for personal practice. That said, they do sound cool for how small they are and can get pretty loud. I would suggest either the Marshall MS4, the Vox Mini, or the Orange Micro Crush. If you want a bigger sound, go with the Orange, if you want lots of effects, go with the Vox, if you know what a Marshall sounds like and you like it, get that. These demos don't do them justice, but: Http://… and Http://… the playing is bad, but they are both great. I haven't tried both enough to say which I prefer, but you'd be good going with either one…

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