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Converting Voltage for American Guitar amp to Europe. HELP!?

I have an Orange Crush 30R guitar amp and I need to take it to play shows in Europe in 2 weeks and cannot get a straight answer on what I will need to convert the power. There is no switch on the back of the amp (that i can see) but it does make a reference on the back to 0.68@115 Vac and 0.34@ 230 Vac. It also says elsewhere 115 Vac (60 Hz)/ 250 V T2a. Does anyone know what this means? Or know what kind of converter I will need. I would obviously like to avoid buying a transformer box if I don't need one. Thanks 😉

Posted by bettyjones108
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I would call Orange Crush first. From the writing on the back there is a possibility it has a "universal power supply." What this means is the amp will run on any voltage listed without any change. This is very particular to the amp and should not be assumed without checking. Short of that, Http:// and search the word transformer. They have the adapter you need, 100 watt.

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Orange or Laney electric guitar amp?

I'm interested in buying a new amp (need to upgrade from my lame peavey…) and I'm debating between a Laney LG35R and an Orange Crush 30R. I'm leaning towards the Orange, but I'm still on the fence. Any suggestions?

Posted by St. 1
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It depends on what sound you want, or what type of music you're looking to play. Laney's typically tend to have a tighter (more compressed) overdrive crunch (almost distortion). Oranges (from the few that I have played) seem have a nice looser "old-british" overdrive in my opinion. I have always liked the more overdriven tube crunch as opposed to distortion. I like the way the Oranges sound, personally so I'd go with the Crush. I never cared too much for Laneys. But the key is to pick the one that works for you and what you want to play.

Good luck.

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Are Orange Amps good?

I have a Squier Jaguar and was wonder if this would be a good amp for it.


Does this have good effects? Will I get good, clear sound?

Posted by Mogel
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Yes. Orange Amps can have a bright and warm, clean tone. But if you change some settings on it, it can become a loud distorted Machine with a lot of drive. Also they last a long time, i still have mine from 5 years ago and i play everyday 6 hours a day.

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