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Best Guitar amps for hardcore/metalcore?

At the moment, I play an Ibanez rga42 and use a line6 spider IV 15 wat amp.
I don't really like the Line6 as the distortion is terrible.

I was wondering what amps give the best hardcore/metalcore tone.
E.G Your Demise/Architects.

I've been looking at Orange mainly, any suggestions?

Posted by BRIAN
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All solid state modeling amps in the Line 6 price range will sound somewhat similar. So an Orange Crush PiX isn't goig to sound way better or anything. To get a substantially better tone you will need to move up to a tube amp. The Blackstar amps have some great sounding distortion for a decent price. The HT-5R is $449 and the HT-20 is $599. I have owned both and the 20 is worth the extra money I think. Orange tube amps are cool, I've owned a couple of them also.

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Guitar amp suggestions please? :)?

Hey guys, im looking for guitar combo(s) that have a line out for recording at home and can be used for small gigging. So maybe about 30w each. I dont want any digital effects or anything. Reverb is fine, but it doesnt bother me if it doesnt have it.

Im looking for a nice clean tone, and a smooth distortion, not hard-metal-mosh-death kind of distortion. I would probably run it how i did with my old fender amp (distortion channel, Gain at 1) So it sounds clean, but when you give it some, it becomes a little crunchy.

I tried running two amps together, it sounded great. So im settling with that idea.

In a way, 2 little amps are more portable than one big one. That way, you can choose how many you take, depending on how loud you are practicing etc.

I was thinking 2 x 30w identical amps side by side such as:

Orange Crush 35ldx.

Hughes And Kettner Edition Blue 30r.

So basically, its mostly about the clean sound.

To give you some idea, i love the sound of the Laney LX35R but it lacked a line out.

If needed, i would change the speakers for celestions or something.

Any other suggestions? NO plasticky Marshall MG's please.

Must be £150 maximum each (with a bit of leeway)

MUST have line out :)

Thanks :)
EDIT: Sorry christian, im stuck on the dual amp idea. Thanks though.

Any more answers?

Posted by xXdirtinthebloodXx
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Both the H&K and Orange amp are excellent amps. Most of the newer amps do have line outs. A lot of older Marshalls have it as well. Line 6 amps have just about every feature imaginable.

However, if you are recording line out, you don't really need to worry about the speakers. The best sound you can get is by using a mic'd amp. To do so, you would just need a Shure SM57, a stand and a cable. Its about $130 USD worth of stuff to mic each amp. Im hoping you are looking to use the line outs because of volume issues (parents, or you live in a flat). You can tweak your sound with a line out, but it will never sound as good and as full as a mic in front of the cabinet.

Anyway, the amps you mentioned are great. Line 6 and Marshall are great as well. I would suggest going used, but it would be hard to find 2 matching amps. Im guessing you want the 2 amps for a true stereo effect. If so, they do have some stereo heads (Line 6 makes some). You can always get 1 head and power 2 seperate smaller cabinets.

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Orange guitar amplifiers?

Particularly the Crush 20 and 30 watt amps? (Or just Orange amps) I may be getting one soon. What are your personal experiences with them?

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Orange tube amps are fantastic. I've owned 3 so far. Their solid state Crush series is also very good for a solid state amp. You might want to also check out the Blackstar ID series. Someone here was talking about how much they liked it and I've heard several others say the same thing.


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