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Heavy metal amp advice?Im looking for an amp that will give me a good metal sound like testament or megadeth, all ive got right now is an ibanez with an emg-80 active bridge pickup and a marshall kerry king edition 10 watt practice amp and it SUCKS. I need a heavier sound badly.

Posted by Jesse G
[display_name id=”1″]Marshall or Peavey could be your affordable and convenient options. You could look into more powerful amps, eg 70-80 watt or 100 watt, which should be sufficient even for small scale gig rigs. A 10 watt amp probably doesn’t sound all that great, even in your bedroom cos it’s only meant to be used as a practise amp.

Just so you’d get an idea: I had a 100 watt peavey bandit (tube simulator) and it was a monster in my 12′ x 6′ bedroom at 4-6 master, 2-3 distortion gain (with everything in the room, e.g. Bed, curtains, cupboards, framed posters on the walls). I play the bass now and I have a 350 watt hartke half stack bass amp in my 8′ x 6′ music room. It gets really crazy at about 4-5 master volume (everything around me starts rattling, rumbling… The ceiling, the glass windows, the door) so it’s always at about 2, max at 3 (If i need it to be any softer, I’ll fiddle around with the volume knob on the bass). A 350 watt bass amp is roughly about the equivalent power to a 175 watt guitar amp. It’s there mainly for gigging.

Also, it’s always a great idea to shop around second hand stores. Try out every single amp you can find. You may stumble upon that tone that you’ve been looking for which you’d may not get from Peavey or Marshall or other common amp brands. Besides just volume and power, components of amplifiers make significant differences in its sound amplication and ultimately, your tone (some research here would be advantageous to you). I became familiar with different amps and roughly know which amplication units sound good with my instrument as I practised with bands at different rehearsal studios because I got to try them in the band mix (even if different studio rooms have different acoustics). Keep in mind that different rooms (different room structure, layouts, furniture placements) will produce different amplified tone. A room with tiled flooring and glass doors will produce a different frequency response and resonant differently from a room with carpets, heavy padded walls and wooden window panes. I needed something punchy with solid mids, which was one of the reasons why I got my current bass amp rig (10″ speakers, aluminium cones). The onboard preamp of my primary bass guitar has a lot of the low frequencies that I require which is sufficient. It’s also great if you could do a little research on the amps that your favourite guitarists use most of the time (stage rigs, studio rigs, etc).

Good luck in your search!

Note: I may be playing bass now (no longer electric guitar) but I’m dealing with the issue of instrument amplication, which applies to all instruments that require electric amplification units.

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