Marshall MS-2 Mini Guitar Amplifier Reviews

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Questions and Answers

What is a decent mini amp for busking with an acoustic guitar?

I'm planning to perform on the streets with my acoustic guitar. I want a mini one so I can carry it around in a bag without trouble (I'm a girl with a small physique).
I know it might be louder as is than plugged into a mini amp but I'm planning to sing as well. Wouldn't plugging in my voice but not my guitar be weird?

Posted by Elleinn p
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Check out the Roland line of small battery powered amps:


They are light, compact, easy to set up and use, and have enough power for busking. You want an amp that will handle your guitar and a vocal mic. Just amplifying your voice sounds strange and limits your options as far as crowd size. You can't turn up your guitar beyond its acoustic volume if it's not plugged in. Get the biggest model you'll feel comfortable carrying.

What is the best guitar mini amplifier?

I have been looking to buy a mini amplifier to just jam out and not wake the other residents and i don't know what to choose. Any suggestions?

Posted by JJA
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I tried them all and the Orange Micro Crush was the best, but still sucks. If money is not a huge issue I have another suggestion. The VOX AC4TV is a killer practice amp that can be set to 4, 1, or 1/4 watts. It sounds 1000 times better than any of these toy 9 volt amps. I have this amp and it sounds great. The various wattage settings make it very versatile. On the 4 watt setting it would handle a basement/garage type jam at moderate levels.



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