Best Small Guitar Amps


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Questions and Answers

Guitar amp situation?I’m looking to purchase a 1/2 stack amp rig for my guitar, I know the value of tubed amps like how much input of sound and volume they give out, but all of the tubed heads I’ve seen are very expensive. My budget is about $650-700 and i was going to grab the Marshall MG100HDFX half stack setup just because it seemed to fit the price, but it only puts out about 100 watts, and from what i hear, there are better options. So I’m seeing if someone could guide me in the right direction and give me some suggestions.

Posted by sean l
[display_name id=”1″]I would strongly recommend against a Marshall solid state. I would really consider investing your money in a tube amp…even if it’s a smaller combo amp. I guess my question would be, does it have to be an amp head? Are combos out of the picture? Don’t rule out a good sounding amp just because it’s a combo…I’ve got a couple combo amps that will smoke a solid state half stack. But you are right, tube heads are really expensive. Here’s some tube options though. The Fender Hot Rod Deville is a great option…amazing tone, good reverb and nice drive…and the 4×10’s are soooo loud. I really like the Fender tube amps…the blues jr., the Deluxe, the Deville’s…etc. The valve kings are cool though too. I’m sure you could find a decent used Vox AC30 or Fender Twin reissue for around $800…either of these amps would be a great investment. But ultimately, you should buy an amp that allows you to get the most out of your guitar…the way that you want it to sound. Whether that’s solid state or tube, who knows…find an amp that speaks to you. Amp shopping is probably the funnest thing an electric guitar player can do…so have fun.

Good Luck.

Best guitar practice amps?I really want to buy another guitar amp. The one I currently have is a small VOX amp. It was only like 89$ and it sucks. Doesn’t even have reverb on it. You can’t really change the tone. It’s either clean or overdrive on that thing. I want a more complex amp. One that can do a variety of tones and settings. But, it has to be under 110$. I don’t have a bunch of mney in my allowance……

Posted by Melanie
[display_name id=”1″]Hmmmmm… All i can think of is go with a major brand. Like Fender, Ibanez, etc. Etc. By a “small” amp I assume under 20 watt. What you have sounds like my sis’ original amp she got in a kit and if so yes, they suck. I would recommend a 20watt or bigger. Online I found a Fender Mustang I that seems like it’d be good, 20 watt, lots of controls. Check it out $99 Http://… Only other thing I can think of is save your money. To get a quality amp your not gonna find it on the cheap. Also buy it brand new. Never buy used amp I’ll never make that mistake agin. :(

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