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Travel/mini acoustic guitar?

I was in a guitar shop and me and my friend played on these really small guitars, bigger than a ukulele, like a mini guitar and I thought it'd be perfect to travel with on holiday because Its quite hard traveling with my full sized acoustic, and on tv I heard a musician say they take their 'travel guitar' on tour with them, but I've been googling 'travel guitar' and 'mini guitar' and can't seem to find anywhere online to buy them? Am I calling them the wrong name?
And any suggestions of what ones are good but not too expensive would be good, Thanks.

Posted by Mrs T
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They're called travel guitars mostly. Sometimes people use a 3/4 scale child's guitar for this purpose. If it had nylon strings you might also have been looking at a guitalele. Http://…

If a working musician refers to "their" travel guitar (or "road guitar"), they might just mean one that they are willing to put through the rigors of travel while they leave their best one at home. There are also high end electric instruments that can be played through an amplifier and taken apart for travel. All but maybe the very best of the small-sized acoustic-only travel guitars that you're probably thinking of would not be the choice of most performers.

Common inexpensive brands include the Washburn Rover and the often-maligned Martin Backpacker. There are a lot of them though – just google "travel guitar reviews", "best travel guitars", or similar phrases. Tone and volume are usually quite poor compared to a regular guitar. A decent sounding one can cost as much as a high end normal guitar (over $1000).

You might also want to look into the Voyage-Air, which is an affordable normal size guitar with a folding neck. They are said to sound very decent.

Fender mini amplifier ?

I have a Fender acoustic guitar
i'm a beginner
i need a temporary amp 'till i get more money to get a big one
i saw Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp on Amazon and i heard it's pretty good
what do you guys think?
Cause i really don't know anything =/

Posted by Noori
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Hello there,

I have one of the Fender mini amps. I think of it as a novelty to sit on my desk. I do use a mini amp by Danelectro to test electronics on my project guitars. I feel safer plugging a project guitar into a battery powered amp than an actual amp.

I have tested the little amps out to see how they sound. Clean they sound all right. Not very good low end response. But I would expect that from such a little speaker. They are not very loud. I would doubt it they are any louder than an acoustic guitar is (already without the amp). Those amps are too small to handle a heavy load of gain and distortion. For a clean sound (and probably an acoustic) they would be all right. They are cute, but they are not very loud.


Hello again,

If money is tight, look on ebay for a used small Fender or Squier practice amp. Fender has a 10 and a 15 watt amp. It only has an 8 inch speaker, but even that will give you a better tone than the little speaker in the battery powered amps. Fender puts those amps in their starter packs. The amps are not very good for an electric guitar because they do not have enough power for gain and distortion. With an acoustic that will not be an issue. I have seen those amps sell for $10 or $15. That would be a better alternative than the small battery powered amps. Those have s speaker that is about 2 inches and they have 1 or 2 watts of power.

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