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What do i need to record (music) at home?

What are some things i definetly need if i want to record my own songs. At home of course.

Posted by iLoveYooh! :)
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What you'll need depends largely on what you intend to do with your music. If you're just looking for a way to archive your songs for your own use, you can probably get a used 4-track cassette recorder for less than $30 on eBay. Those enable you to record guitar, bass, drum and vocal tracks (as well as any other instruments) separately, then mix them together. All you'd need, apart from that, is a set of good headphones and a decent microphone. Fostex and Tascam also make 4- and 8-track digital studios that are easy to use and offer decent sound quality, though you won't have as many mixing options as you would with a computer-based studio.

If you're getting into computer recording, there are many options. I use a Digidesign M-Box 2 Mini, which is a little box about the size of videocassette tape that enables me to record individual tracks to my computer. It came with the current edition of Pro Tools software, which means I can mix everything on my computer, as well as tweak the sounds and add effects. The final product is CD quality, which is very cool. And since Pro Tools is the music industry standard for recording, I can take my hard drive to any recording studio and upload the tracks if I decide to make changes. The M-Box 2 Mini runs about $300 at Musician's Friend ( You can use it with headphones or external monitor speakers, since the sound won't go through your computer speakers.

If you decide to go with a computer interface, you'll need at least one good microphone. I recommend a large diaphragm condenser mic, since those can be used for vocals and instruments and capture sound with more accuracy than hand-held mics. Condenser mics start at around $50.

There are unlimited numbers of accessories you can use with a computer recording studio. I run almost everything I record through a Presonus Tube Pre, which is a small tube amp simulator that sits right on top of my M-Box. It mimics the sound of old tube amplifiers, so everything sounds warmer. There are thousands of gadgets that can enhance the sound of your recordings, but you don't need them to get started.

Musician's Friend has a little informational series to introduce newcomers to computer recording, since it's hard to know which equipment to buy with so many options. Here's a link:


The hardest part of home recording is becoming familiar with the software, so if you decide to use ProTools, I also recommend the book "ProTools for Dummies." The recording screen is daunting at first, but once you start playing around with tracks, you'll find it's really very user-friendly.

You can learn a lot about products by browsing the products on Musician's Friend. The site also has customer reviews, so you can see which people have similar recording goals and learn which products are working well for them. Just don't let the volume of information freak you out, since home recording gear is actually fairly easy to use. Good luck to you!

Best Guitar Mini Amplifier?

I am learning guitar and I am a traveling ESL teacher, so my whole life must fit in 2 suitcases. I'm looking for a good mini amp, but don't know which one to choose. I'm a beginner, but there might not be enough money to upgrade later on. I'm looking at Mini Orange, Fender Mini Twin 57, Fender Mini Tone Master and some others. I like all kinds of music, but mostly alternative, classic and experimental rock, I guess. What do you guys suggest?

Posted by snowsinthedark
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The best little portable amp ever made was by a company called Pignose.
It still exists and the sound of that little baby amp is awesome.

You can even use is as a pre-amp like the guitarist of chicago Terri Kath did. He had an awesome sustaining sound and on stage, he used to have the pignose hooked up and used it as an overdrive.

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