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Help with Jackson guitar and mini amp?I have a Jackson DK2M Dinky with Seymour duncan pickups and Floyd rose , I also bought a cheap mini amp made by Boston , it’s called the Boston mini 3 amp , I bought it because it’s easy to travel with , now my problem is that the amp has good cleans but when I put it on distortion so I could do heavy stuff , it’s complete bullshit , I can’t hear what I’m playing at all , its hard to hear the tone of what I’m playing , I want to know if the problems my guitar or the amp???
Please help.

Posted by Guitardude
[display_name id=”1″]Hello there,

The problem is entirely in your choice of amps. A small amp like that cannot handle the heavy load of high gain pickups and distortion. It will run out of head room. There is more to the power rating of an amp than just how loud it gets. It takes more power in an amp for gain and distortion than most beginners realize.

If you are going to play through any mini amp, resign yourself to playing clean. If you want gain and distortion, use something other than a mini amp.


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