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Is a Danelectro N-10 HoneyTone Mini Guitar Amplifier good for an acoustic guitar with a pickup?

I love the HoneyTone because it looks darling.
But I have an acoustic guitar & I'm concerned with how it will sound if I use the amp. I just like the way it looks so much! But sound quality comes first.. After price.
If it's not the best idea to buy it for what I need do you have any suggestions on other amps?

Posted by beanabug1
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Hello there,

I have a couple of the Danelectro Honeytone amps in surf green. I thought they were cute.

I use them for testing electronics in my project guitars. I feel more comfortable (safer) plugging into a 9 volt amp than the real thing. I do a lot of guitar modifications. The idea of running a project guitar into a regular amp is, well scary. Running it into a 9 volt amp seems safer for me to test out the electronics to see if everything is wired up correctly. That is how I use mine.

I have played through them a couple times. Not really very good sounding. It has a small speaker, 2 1/2 or 3 inches. That gives a rather thin tinny sound. You won't want to crank that amp. It will distort before you get near full volume. It is okay to use in a small room playing by yourself. Not enough volume to play with anyone. Not enough volume for more than a small room. But the tonal quality is not very good. I would never consider using one for regular practice. If you are concerned about sound quality, then this is not a practical amp.

It is a fun little toy. But it is not a good sound. The speaker is much to small for that.

I sort of wonder about that first answer. Not sure he is talking about the same amp. There are no built in effectsl The controls are along the top: On/off & volume. The volume control also serves as an on/off switch. A tone control. A control marked O. Drive. That is an gain control. It boosts the signal. And then the input jack. On the side is a head phone out jack and a power plug. It will run all right off a 9 volt battery The door to access the battery compartment is on the back side.

Bulit in effects would not be an issue for you because you are planning to use an acoustic through it. There are a lot of good acoustic amps on the market. Most are not cute. The decent sounding acoustic amps are not cheap. Don't expect to get a $100 amp and get a decent tone from it. That is not going to happen. The Fender Acoustisonic is a decent sounding amp.


Is there any way to get a mg15msII Marshall mini HALFSTACK guitar amplifier?

I've looked everywhere for the full mini stack and i'm not the one to spend $300 on a 50 pound amp so do you know of they even make mini half stacks and where could i get one.

Posted by M.T.
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You are being very specific in your request, basically you desire, you want, you have to have the mg15msII mini halfstack. The only thing being, that despite this being the apple of your eye you only want to pay a fraction of the retail price?

Good luck on find this, I can find it discounted no problem but in the range you are looking for, not if you want one that works!

Maxon TBO9 – True Tube Booster / Overdrive pedal

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