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I want to get sponsored by a guitar amp company?

So about half a year ago, I brought a long and grueling process of searching for the right amp. My band wanted to start playing, and finally, after having worked the 3 or 4 months since November, we have 5 songs ready to record.

How can I get an endorsement? Half of our sound comes from the Blackstar ht60 2×12 that I decided on. I was looking at a used Orange rocker 30 for about 1000, the ht-60, originally 900, but 500 on musiciansfriend, used Marshall JCM 800, and some older Mesa amps (looking at used because of my budget).

But I settled on the Blackstar, just because the amount of tonal options, effects loops, and 3 footswitchable channels. Plus, I'm starting to believe in their product, some unreal sounds and bands are playing through Blackstars, and everyone who's borrowed my amp for shows, be it metalcore, indie/post-rock guys have been thoroughly impressed. On top of all that, the customer service was great. I emailed the regional manager because I wanted to buy a footswitch. They didn't have any shipping until later this year for sale, but he understood my plight of wanting to get a band together and start playing, and got me a free footswitch just for asking.

I understand that for a band this early in its stages probably won't get a deal, or even free stuff. But how hard is it to get something like this or even be considered? My friend who's a drummer got an endorsement from Dark Horse drums, and his band has self-produced an EP and havent really gotten out of the local scene. Would it be this easy? Or are there some other things I hsould think about as well? Sorry for rambling, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how important an endorsement would mean to me.

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Since you're interested in being sponsored by Blackstar amps, it might not be that difficult to do however, it's not a slam dunk kind of thing. It could take a long time to get them interested in having you represent them. What I would suggest is this: Write down everything you like about Blackstar amps and why you chose them in the first place over all the other amplifiers and then write it out as a presentation and then rehearse that presentation until it sounded really good. Then get a video camcorder and record it and upload it to YouTube. You might even consider including a sample of what your band sounded like before the Blackstar experience and what it sound like now. Then get your band on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet places where you can blog about Blackstar and include a link to your YouTube video. In The September/October issue (2010) of Bloomberg Businessweek there is an article entitled On You Tube, Seven-Figure Views, Six-Figure Paychecks … Http://… – READ IT! Now understand that even you you do not get sponsored by Blackstar, you can make a lot of money from YouTube by creating videos of music gear that you like. Who knows, maybe Guitar Center or Musician's Friend will sponsor you if you can sell enough Blackstar amps or other gear for them.

A word of caution – Your initial Blackstar Video, MUST BE EXTREMELY Professional. It needs to sound as good as these video reviews …

Http://… (Alex is now sponsored by Roland) notice the expression on his face … He is really into the music and his conviction about the product comes though

Http://… – Robert is sponsored bu BOSS and Roland.

The bottom line is Blackstar is only interested in you if you can actually sell amplifiers for them. You are going to have to prove to them that you can.

You do not want to sound like this guy and yet he has more than 66,000 views on YouTube – Http://…

Which guitar combo amp is a better choice: Line 6 Spider Valve 112 or Marshall AVT150?

I have recently been able to upgrade to a better amp and have rounded them down to either the Line 6 Spider Valve 112 and a Marshall AVT150. The Spider Valve cost around $450 used and the Marshall cost $400. Here is the link to the Marshall AVT150 for sale: Http://…
and this is the link to the Line 6 Spider Valve for sale: Http://…
They are both Valve-State amps but each one varies a lot. Please if you have any advice or comments, please write them down and post them here for me. Thank you very much for your help and time.

Posted by Douglas M
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Well i play drums and i know you
could prolly find both for cheaper on
musicians friend but the line 6 hands down
marshell is rad but your pick alot less amp

so line 6 lqtm

also musicians friend its worth it.

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