Marshall AS50D Amp Review

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Questions and Answers

Marshall or Orange guitar amplifiers?

I'm looking to buy a new 15 watt amp for my bedroom. Which one shall I get? A Marshall or an Orange?


Posted by mr.t-shirt
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I didn't know that Orange made a 15w. I have played on many different amps in my life and prefer the Marshall sound. Orange amkes an awesome amp as well and if you can afford either, I would go with the proven winner in the 15w class….Marshall. I have a 30watt Marshall that I even use for gigging with my church praise band. It more than does the job in a fairly large church….but the little old blue haired ladies can't take full volume anyway.

Guitar/Amplifier relation?

Now I own a cheap knockoff stratocaster made by Behringer and the guitar sounds decent with the little 15 watt amp I bought with it. I'm looking at getting an epiphone SG, a much nicer guitar than the one I currently own and has many different features. To be completely honest, I love music and making music, but I'm not really well educated about the instrument itself other than a few things, but I was told SG's are great for rock music. Would I have to purchase a bigger better amplifier to hear the full potential of this guitar, or if I use the one I currently have, will I notice some distinct differences in how they sound?

Posted by
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If u really want to rock, pump that
Gibson thru a Marshall to realize the potential of your gear.

IF not try a multi-effects processor to really hear what you can do.

Either way an SG is one of the greatest rock guitars ever created.

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