Marshall AS100D vs Fender Acoustasonic

Marshall AS100 played by Ralf Sommerfeld

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Questions and Answers

Guitar Amplifier?

I have a Marshall MG 150 guitar amp. Every time that I turn it on, it makes a loud buzzing sound, almost like a fan turning. This sound goes on for about 2 minutes, then subsides, but the amp still has a soft hum. These 2 buzzings may be unrelated, but what is the first buzzing? Is something broken with the amp?

Posted by Jonathan F
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Most likely it is just the fan running….mine does that too. It just need to clear out the dust and any residue that is settled on the fan.

The second soft hum: check your guitar cables you might have a loose connection.

Fender or Marshall amplifier for bass guitars?

I'm a beginner, I want to play bass but I don't know which supplies are better. I really need help with these. Also, if I want to replace my string bass what brand is great, (I'm thinking Ernie Ball?) If you know any other great amplifier or strings please feel free to suggest. By the way I only have $80 in my piggy bank. ( I know it sucks having a little money & I do not get allowance. )

Please give me an accurate answer, because I don't want to waste my money.
One more thing, I have a fender bass guitar that are four strings & the type of genre music I listen to are: Rock, metal and etc…
Can you also play the bass fender to the Marshall amplifier? Because I heard someone that you can only play guitar in the Marshall amplifier, is that true?
I also wanted the amp to produce a clean sound for the bass and that sounds good for rock music.

Posted by Melissa
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You've got a lot of questions there. I'll try to be as helpful as possible.

Marshall does make amps that are made for bass, but you won't find one new for less than $200. Maybe you can find a used one on Craigslist or a pawn shop. Since you're new to this, you should bring someone with you that knows more about guitars and amps if you buy used.

For under $80, there are some decent small practice amps out there. At that price you won't find anything loud with booming bass, but any one of these amps will be sufficient for learning. I'm including links to them below in sources.

If you have a music store nearby, I strongly recommend going to one and talking to the people there. They'll let you try out the amps they have, and give you advice. Most places will allow you to bring in your bass to try it out on different amps. You might be able to find a better amp in your price range used. Don't buy anything used until you've hooked your bass up to it and played it bit to make sure it works.

As for strings, everybody has their preferences. Ernie Ball makes good strings. My favorite strings for hard rock are Rotosound Swing Bass 66. Ernie Ball Super Slinky and GHS Boomers would be my next choices. Medium gauge, 45-105 (meaning smallest string is .045in and largest string is .105in) seems to be about right. You might have to try a few string sets to see what's right for you.

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