Marshall Amps Prices

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What is the starting price for Marshall amplifiers?

Posted by Scotty Lamb
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Hello there,

There is a lot of difference in Marshall amps and therefore a wide price range. You can pick up a used MG series practice amp for $25 used. See this example.

I do not like those small practice amps. I think the speakers make you sound thin and tinny.

The other end would be a Marshall JCM 800 head or a plexi or any of the other tube heads. Used those start around $800 and do up. Those are fabulous amps.

What size amp are you looking for and what do you need it for (home play, recording, in a band) ?

Marshall amps are not over rated. That is a silly statement. That is like saying the Fender amps are over rated. Just as silly. I have played on vintage Fender black face amps and vintage Marshall leads, those are as good an amp as they come. The amps that have models of classic amps always have a model of both. They are great.


Are Orange or Marshall amps better for classic rock?

Favourite guitarist is slash, and i like all classic rock sounds, also mark knopfler and t rex. Which make of amp provides the best sound for the job?

Posted by
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In general, both brands are good and will do what you want. You can find better value-for-the-dollar with Marshall because of sales volume. Orange tends to keep it's price point at the store because it's a smaller company and they have to make more money per-unit. As a result, dudes on the street think they're made out of gold so the used prices suck. I'd go with Marshall unless you're rich.

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