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My 18 watt build / Tube Depot Kit

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Marshall Amplifiers? ?

I'm going to be buying a new amp for Christmas. I currently have a line 6 spider III 15w. My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I'm either going to buy a Marshall Micro Stack, or a MG30DFX, but the thing is it says about the micro stack, is that it's only 15 watts, and I'm worried that'll make it only as loud as my spider, and I want something better.

Posted by trogdor505
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I used to ONLY USE Marshall and Mesa/Boogie exclusively only those 2 amplification products but with the American Economy right now my job has been slow so money is tight and Marshall and Boogie are not Cheap Products they are expensive especially Boogie. So I went out looking for an amp and my main Dealer showed me a VOX AD50VT because he uses one and I was blown away its SWEET, KILLER TONE, Tube preamp, Killer effects just Sweet and I walked out with it for 300 bucks and its good enough and perfect for jamming with a band and gigging.

I recommend you take a listen to the AD15VT (15 wats) or the AD30VT (30 wats) they sound great Clean and Dirty killer for both Rock and Metal hands down.

Questions about the Marshall MA100C amplifier.?

Im looking to buy a new amp and im thinking about getting the Marshall MA100C.
1. Is the amp good and worth buying?
2. Can it be used and is it good for gigging?

If not, any suggestions please. Should I look to get a stack maybe?

So. Would you recommend it?

Posted by bawls
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First off it's a discontinued amp, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. As far as a good gigging amp, it would depend on what type of music you are going to play. Marshalls tend to not have a very clean sound but if you are planning on playing hard rock then that shouldn't make any difference in the long run. These are good, practical and the most important thing luggable amps. Unless you are just dying to haul a half stack or full stack around, which by the way, only makes sense if you have a road crew do it for you, then get the combo. A half stack, and significantly more in a full stack, are very hard to control at lower volumes and will, in a lot of clubs, get you more attention soundwise than you really want. Most bar owners will start telling you to turn down before you even play one note with those monsters. If for some reason you need more volume then you can always mike the amp but that really only applies if you plan on playing auditoriums or you work in a band that mikes everything and uses the front of house sound for their volume.

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