Marshall Guitar Amplifiers

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Could you reccommend a good guitar amplifier model?

Hey im a beginner, and i bought a yamaha gigmaker, and i got the GA-15 amp with it. Im not very satisfied with the distortion it produces. So could you recommend a good amplifier for about 150$ to 200$. Im using the Yamaha EG-112c. It would definitly sound better if i had a better amp.

Posted by Karun
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Marshall makes a lot of amps so just saying Marshall doesn't help much. The truth is that Marshall makes some great tube amps, but their lower end solid state amps just don't sound good to me. You are correct that a better amp will change your tone tremendously. So now is when you need to make a decision. Do you want a nice warm sounding tube amp with no effects or do you want a solid state amp with a million effects on it? Everyone has their own opinion. Personally I don't like the sound of most lower end solid state amps and find their effects rather cheesy. So it's totally up to you. If it were my money I'd get a tube amp like the Kustom Defender 1-12 half stack. Then as you have the money buy good analog stomp box effects. To me these sound far better than the digital over-the-top effects found on something like the Line 6 Spider amps. But again it's all personal taste.


Guitar amplifier question?

I have heard people on the internet saying that marshall mg's are not very good. I have a marshall mg15fx version 4. I think it is pretty good. Also heard that the version 4 which I have was a big improvement. What do you's think of my amplifier. Should I get a new one. What is the best amplufier I can get for around 200. I play rock and use a yamaha pacifica strat copy but am thinking of getting an epiphone dot.

One thing I don't like about my mg is the overdrive. It's a bit hissy and quiet. Its hard to describe. Crunch channel is great though. But want to know if it's worth getting a better amp.

Posted by Bertie Bob
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Hello there,

The Marshall MG is not a great amp. It does not have the vintage Marshall sound. It is a solid state amp with low power (15 watts) and a small speaker (8 inch). It is about as good as other $100 amps. None of them are great. Not enough power (for solid state) and too small a speaker. You may think it is good. You opinion is based on your personal experience. How many vintage tube Marshall amps have you played. How many vintage tube Fender amps have you played. How many other solid state amps have you owned. If the answers were none or not many, you do not yet have enough experience on which to base you opinion. So while you may think the MG15fx is a good amp, that is good in comparison to what you have owned.

A 1×12 combo amp would be a good upgrade in amps. But right now, you don't know what you are looking for. Keep the MG15fx and get a better distortion pedal to use with it. Perhaps a Boss DS-1 would work for you.


If you like it, keep it. Keep it until you decide it lacks something you want for your music. At that time you will know what you are looking for in an amp and will be able to select one to fit your tastes. Until then there is little reason to buy another beginner level amp just because someone else does not like the sound of your amp.

Epiphone Dot? It is a decent guitar. It is quite different from your Yamaha. The Yamaha being a Strat clone has a scale length of 25 1/2 inches. It has a tremolo bridge. The Dot has a scale length of 24 3/4 inches so the frets will be closer together. It has a fixed bridge. If you want to use a whammy bar (tremolo arm) when you play, you need a guitar with a tremolo bridge, like your Yamaha. I played a Gibson ES-335 for years. That is the guitar the Epiphone Dot is patterned from; it is an ES-335 copy. The ES-335 is a great playing guitar and has a great sound. But the sound is quite different from a Strat. Also the feel is quite different from a Strat. Before you buy a Dot, you should test it out to make sure it feels comfortable for you to play (it has a large body and a different feeling neck). Also you need to see if you like the tone of the Dot. Those are things you cannot decide by doing on-line research. It takes a hands on test.


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