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New Guitar Amp ?

I was on Ebay looking for an amp. I noticed that Pyramid Amps are pretty cheap. I was wondering if they're good quality or if they break easily or something. And if Pyramid amp's aren't good. Then what brand would be?

Posted by anonymous
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If you want a practice amp it might suffice, check harmony to get the low down, use a Kustom quad 100 dfx myself, they make less expensive models as my son has one, mod unknown at this time, but it sounds really good, and I haven't heard, Dad it's broke yet so that's a plus, believe me you get what you pay for in the music world, if you have $500 I highly recommend a quad 100, sucker makes my Gretsch scream for more.

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Can I use this amp with this guitar?

I told my parents I would like a new guitar for Christmas. I found the one I want and its an acoustic-electric. Can I use this guitar with this amp, or does it even matter what amp I use? And what chord do I use to plug the guitar into the amp?



I have another question. I have a guitar strap already and I cant use it because I have a classical guitar. Do all acoustic guitars have the peg at the bottom? Does this one?

Posted by mosdef
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The guitar you've chosen can be plugged through any guitar amp. You can use a standard guitar cable, and it will have pegs for your strap. BTW, you can buy screw-in pegs for any guitar very inexpensively.

There are better choices for an amp. Do you realize how wimpy that amp is? It's 9.75 inches high and runs off a 9v battery! It will just about fit in the palm of your hand. Your acoustic-electric will make more noise unplugged. Which brings up another point: a "practice amp" is really unnecessary with an acoustic-electric. That's what the "acoustic" part of the guitar is all about. You only need an amp if you're going to gig and need to be heard over a band. Get the guitar but save your money for a real amp…something in the 50-100 watt range.

Better still, forget the amp and put the extra money into a slightly better guitar. For $20 more, you can get an Ibanez with a solid spruce top….. It'll give you a much better acoustic sound. You realize that if the specs don't specify "solid" wood that it's plywood veneer, right?

When you have the need to be amplified, you can either plug into the PA system or get a powerful amp. Expect to spend at least a couple of hundred on that……but not till you need it.

Questions and Answers

Which guitar practice amp should I get?

I still consider myself a beginner, I've been playing a little over a year. I'm about to get an ibanez art100 for my first electric, and I cannot decide between two amps. Which is better, a Peavey Vypyr 15w or a Roland Micro Cube?

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Hello there,

I my taste in practice amps runs to the Fender Bullet Reverb. However, that was not one of your choices. Here are the links to the reviews of your choices at Harmony Central.





By the way, if you are not familiar with Harmony Central, it has great reviews for equipment.


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