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Guitar Amp Question?

A microphone into a Crate 10 watt amp. Thoughts and how clear will it sound?

Posted by yoyoyo
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If you plug a microphone into a guitar amp it will not sound good no matter what mic you use.

Guitar amps have a very limited frequency response, far lower than that required to accurately reproduce natural sounds like voice. Full spectrum audio is generally considered to be 20 Hz to 20 kHz; Very few guitar amps produce frequencies much above 8kHz, and their response curve is exceedingly non-linear. Wide frequency and linear response are the prime characteristics of good sound… That is good natural sound. Guitarists like the sound of severely attenuated highs and radically non-linear response. That's what compensates for the magnetic picukps

It is highly unlikely that a microphone will "blow" the amp or speakers. The sound may be distorted, which is never good for speakers. The sound may be weak, which may inspire you to turn the amp up too high. That too is a bad idea. But, unless you are totally deaf, you will notice a problem and stop before you do any damage.

If you are using a HIGH impedance mic ( the cheap kind with a 1/4 inch "phone" plug) there are no impedance issues to worry about. The real issue is how you set the gain on the amp. Guitar amps, (especially cheap beginner amps like a 10 watt Crate,) are designed to distort easily. Setting the gain too high will distort any signal, guitar, mic or other. That might be desirable if you are miking a a blues harp. You might want that distortion. Another reason you might want distortion is if you want to intentionally distort your voice. (Some kids think that is so cool!)

That amp produces so little power that you probably can't blow the speaker no matter how much distortion you use. If you ever decide to use good equipment though, remember that distortion is the enemy of speakers, because it makes them work too hard and cool inefficiently. Excess work and heat lead to premature failure.

A professional low impedance mic, ( the kind with three prong "XLR" connectors) is low impedance, and so, will have even less likelihood of damaging the amp. The amp could damage the microphone though!

High impedance means that the signal requires more power to travel down the cable. It does NOT mean that the signal is high or hot or louder.

Besides, if you were trying to use a low impedance pro mic, you would have to use an adapter to switch the XLR connection to a 1/4 inch phone plug.

For future reference, most audio equipment is designed to be "idiot proof." Gear that is supposed to connect to certain other types of gear, always has the matching connector. Things that are NOT supposed to be connected ( say… A power amp to a preamp) have completely incompatible connections. So, it is unlikely that you could damage anything by just trying it.

Of course, some idiots are more persistent than others. If you ever want to try hooking one piece of gear to another, you probably can, IF it comes with the right connector. If it does not have the right connector, don't.

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Cheap intermediate guitars.?

I have a Squier Strat but it isnt cutting it anymore. I play alot of punk and garage. Ive gotten to the point where I need a better guitar, but I dont have alot of money to go tossing around. Im gonna sell my Squier, gdec amp, and frontman 15g amp. What are some quality but cheap electric guitars, pedals, and amps? (I would like to stay in the $250ish range with the guitar)

Posted by Chase
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Good but cheap? You can spend many months to find appropriate good but cheap instrument. Good intermediate guitar will cost you about 500 – 600 bucks. You can keep the gdec amp. It's fine. Fender Highway one will be good for that price range. But soon you can realize that Highway one isn't enough because it's not the best in this price range.
Perfect instrument for high quality practice would be Fender American Special (800 – 900$), Fender American Standard (1000 – 1150$), Les Paul Studio (800 – 900$), Gibson Studio (800 – 900$), and many more (can't help you more). These all are American made and sound very very very good.

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Where can i get a cheap electric guitar and amp?

My acoustic broke and it was crap anyway, so now i need something less delicate. Where can i get one used? Also I'll only need a small amp.
Thank you!

Posted by emily
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Check the Guitar Center Website. About a month ago, my nephew bought a Squire with an amp for $200. I can't tell you if it's any good, but he likes it a lot. He's 12 and been playing for about 6 months now. He hardly ever picks up the acoustic one anymore.

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