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20-40 watt gigging guitar amp. Under $1000?

Hello ladies and gents.

I'm in search of a really good tube combo amp. Looking to spend between 600-900. I play all types of rock. I'm just looking for some suggestions so I can locate these in shops and play around on them. Not into super high gain(peavey, line 6) I'd prefer boutique distortion from Mesa, orange, Marshall, or other like brands.

I play a fender roadhouse deluxe.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Clinton
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Bugera has recently come to my attention, So with a bit of research I've found the reviews are pretty good, Although it only takes a couple of gear snobs to knock the rating down on any piece of equipment, so always take the reviews with a grain of salt, But by looking at the price and features my guess is there taking a jab at the big boys in the game, Although I'm just looking at them, I already have too much gear, if I were to bring another amp home there's no telling how long I'd be sleeping on the couch. But that little BC30 caught my eye. Http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifier…
Might go check it out at Guitar Center, and sneak it in if I like it. Oh no honey that's Dave's amp. Dave's not married so that could work out pretty well.

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Which Guitar Amp Should I Get?

I have been playing guitar for almost 6 years and its time for me to upgrade to a tube amp. I am looking for an amp that i can find for 500-600 bucks new or used. I play mostly classic rock, blues, and jazz. I want an amp that i can use to get a Clapton sound, or a John Mayer sound, or a bluesy sound. I don't need an amp that has crazy distortion, but i would like one with a decent overdrive channel. I have been looking at the Fender Hot Rod Deville. Is this a good amp for me? Please offer advice and suggestions for amps i should get. Thanks.

Posted by Mr. Cool
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The Deville is a good amp for that type of stuff. Eric Clapton has used many amps in his years, and most of them are thousands of dollars. Some more affordable one though are the Vox AC-30, and the Fender Blues Deluxe. John Mayer uses the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the Blues Deluxe, among other gear that will blow the bank. Jet City amps are good all around amps, that are made by Soldano and are very nice. Do some research and watch reviews and demos online before you get an amp. I have bought a lot of gear on Craigslist, for good prices. You might want to think about looking there for an amp before you spend full price on a new one.

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Buying Electric Guitar (Laguna?)?

Im looking at this package here : Http://www.guitarcenter.com/Laguna-Ultim…

I am beginner electric player, I've played only acoustic.

And after reading reviews about the amp inside the pack, etc, it sounds pretty good. I want to play a wide range of music… Looking for a nirvana/fender sound but i am also looking for other sounds like Guns and Roses, and i think slash uses les paul which has humbucklers if im not mistaken, which is i guess kinda similar to this guitar?
So do you guys think this guitar in the package would kinda sound both like a fender and a les paul? I heard laguanas sound somewhere in between. Im too broke to buy 2 different guitars. I heard someone play the laguna on youtube and it sounded really raspy, but i dont know if thats just because of the tone he is on or what, because I dont think that sound would be very great for like sweet child o mine or something. I'm just very mixed up at the moment as to what i want… Does anyone have this package that can give some review?

Posted by The Purple Dolphin
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It looks fine. Although, Fenders are known for single coil pick ups, usually. And this one doesn't have any. If you can find a similar package where the Laguna has some single coils to go along with the humbucker, that might be the best bet. But if you can't, you're probably fine with this. I think many of the guitars Kurt played might have been Fender but they had humbuckers?

It's hard to predict exactly how a guitar will sound, but a friend had a S S H Laguna(two single coils, one humbucker) and it had a great hard rock sound when cranked..but when it was clean, it was nice..different, kind of..Fender-y.

One thing I'll say..a great deal of your sound will come from the tone you shape, your EQ. When I started I mistakenly looked at EQ like on a stereo. But then when I looked up how some musicians would adjust their bass/middle/treble I realized how much I was missing out on. Everybody knows about the Metallica thing now with the "Scooped Mids", and that's just one possibility. I'd almost recommend an EQ pedal for more options, but now that I see the guitar package comes with a Line 6 amp, I can say you probably won't need one. With all the digital amp settings, you'll have all the EQ options you need I'm sure. In any case, play with the amp models and the EQ a LOT to see what you like. Some things will work better for certain tones than others. Even if you had a crappy guitar/amp, control over EQ can redeem the tone sometimes.

But yeah, this looks like a great start.

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