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Acoustic-electric guitar amp?

I'm planning on buying an ibanez acoustic-electric guitar and I'd have to buy an amp separately of course. When I buy the amp will it come with the cord I need to plug it into my guitar? Or do I have to buy the cord separately? I'm a beginner guitarist. Been playing on acoustic for about 6 months.

Posted by Courtney
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Well i have an electric guitar but it came with the amp and the cord and guitar all in one , but usually when you buy an acoustic electric or just an electric it comes with a lead already, but if not they are very cheap to buy seperately, hope i helped x.

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Electric guitar + amp?

Hey, I'm looking for a really low-priced guitar that includes an amp. I'm alright at playing, just a beginner so I'm not looking for anything really nice, something simple. I also don't need a big amp, maybe even just like 10 watts. Does anyone know where I could go or even better, a site I can look at. Right now I'm checking out costco and their stuff. ( Http://…. ) looking for something like this, not sure if its good or not though. So if anyone has any suggestions where I should look let me know!(:

oh and im a 17 year old girl so I want something with color:P haha. Thankss(:!

Posted by kk
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Please, please, please….do yourself a favor and don't throw your money away on a guitar from Costco, Walmart, Best Buy,Target, or any other non-music dealer. Even a beginner needs an instrument that meets certain minimum levels of quality and playability. Beginners are often reluctant to spend much on a guitar for fear that they might not be able to learn to play it. Since you apparently already know how to play, you shouldn't be worrying about that. A cheap box store guitar will play horribly and sound bad.

The Squire by Fender Affinity Stratocaster is a good choice for a guitar. This is not to be confused with the cheaper Squier "Bullet" Strat. The Affinity is reasonably priced and yet good enough quality that it will take you awhile to outgrow it. I gig with a guy who uses one. Http://…

For an amp, you can get a small practice amp. If and when you decide to play out with other musicians, you'll need a bigger amp. A Roland Cube would be one good choice for a practice amp: Http://…

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Where to get cheap electric guitars?

I want to get an electric guitar pretty cheap. I've seen some websites for some decent guitars for about 100-150. That's pretty reasonable but id like to find something cheaper. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! Also a decent amp too!

Posted by Robert
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You can't get a good guitar for that kind of money. You'll never be able to play well on a guitar that cheap. They'll just sound shitty.

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