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What's a good beginners amp for playing heavier music?

I'm looking to buy a guitar amp to learn how to play, though I have no idea where to begin. I want an amp that is inexpensive.

I like to listen and hope to play music from the following bands,

Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for my Valentine
All That Remains
Five Finger Death Punch
Lamb of God

What's a good, inexpensive amp for playing music by those artists or similar to that type of music…

Thank You.

Posted by Jakk
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I just got a guitar today and I got a 10 watt Fender amp. It good for beginners (me) and intermediates. It was fairly cheap and it works really good too. It's better to just start off with a small amp (no matter what music) then when you get better, you can get a higher watt one.

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Questions and Answers

What's a good, inexpensive guitar amp?

I want to buy my husband an amp for Christmas, but I don't know what kind to get or what brands are good quality! He mainly plays an electric accoustic guitar, but also likes to play his electrics…what specific things do i need to look for in an amp for him? He plays praise and worship at church a lot and a transportable amp would be perfect.
Thank you for your help!!

Posted by Amber Lynn
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I'd say look for a solid state amp. Tube amp would be awesome, but they are way more expensive.

I like Marshall, some Fender, and some VoX amps. I'm not too fond of Line 6 or Crate. They seem to focus more on effects than quality. Personally Marshall is always a safe bet. It's quality and comes with a wide range.

All amps you look at will say a number next to them. This is how much power they have. The Higher the number, the more power. A 50 watt is about as small as you want to go for performing in small places, like a church. But no need to go beyond a 100. 15-30 watts are good practice amps.

Here's a nice one under $400, a 50 Watt Marshall

If that's too high. Then look at the 15 or 30 watt Marshall.

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What is a decent inexpensive electric guitar/amp?

I dont need anything fancy… Just somting that i can play and learn on.

Posted by sas_fanatic
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Maybe a yamaha guitar the simple black and white one my brother used it when he was learning it cost him about 100 and the amp is expensive if it has more wats i think not sure how much mine cost around 60-80 but it isnt so good but almost everything is really expensive

hope it helped.

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