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Affordable guitar tube amps?

I am looking for an affordable guitar tube amp or tube simulator amp combo.
Im not looking for a effect processor or pedal .
Music style is metal , rock

By affordable I mean under $500.
So whats out there?

Posted by greg x
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Hello there,

I am with Lucasman on this one. I like the Jet City amps. For metal that would be a good choice. Problem is, it's only 20 watts (for under $500). The more powerful model is over $500. Don't know of a true tube amp with a lot more power for less than $500.

For rock and blues the Fender Blues Jr would be a good choice. Don't think much of it for metal. It also is a low power amp.

If you can go with tube simulation, the solid state B-52 100 watt head as about as good a tube simulation sound as their is.


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What do you recommend for a affordable guitar Mini Amp?

I have a Fender Strat (standard) and I plan on buying a mini amp for it. Problem is I would like to buy one prefrebly under 50-55 dollars, and I haven't had the best luck. I am aware of the Fender Mini Deluxe amp however it runs on batteries, and not an outlet.

What are some good mini amps out there that I can purchase with an affordable price? (list the actual model name if you can)

I will mainly be using it for practice in my room and not in a band of any sort.

Posted by YH
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I have a Marshall MS-2 mini-amp. It fits your price range, and is comparable to the Fender mini-amps. Of the mini-amps I've tried in that price range (mainly Marshall and Fender), I couldn't tell much difference in sound or quality. I wouldn't expect a great tone out of one of these, though. They're more of a novelty than anything. Most run on one 9-volt battery, but all that I've seen have an optional AC power supply. It won't be a very loud amp (don't expect to be able to play over drums or horns), but it is really handy for practice. If you want a more serious amp which will deliver real tone in a compact form, try the Roland mini-cube. It will cost quite a bit more than the other mini-amps, and isn't quite as portable, but it sounds much better.

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Good bass guitar amps?

Can someone help me find a good amp??I dont like to order online so can u find a store thats close to Hoffman estates? I am looking for a 70-80 watt amp thats less then 200 but has to b good for a beginner and good sound. Please give me some links to some stores and if its a lil bit over 200 thats ok.

Posted by Matt
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Behringer Ultrabass BXL900 90W 1×12" Bass Combo
Behringer's ULTRABASS BXL900 delivers a ton of great features in an economical package. A wedge-shaped bass combo with a powerful 12" speaker and 90W.-$179.99

Behringer Ultrabass BX1800 Bass Combo 180W
Behringer's BX1800 is a truly affordable 180W bass combo with an original BUGERA 1 X 15" high-impact cone speaker and a custom-made horn tweeter-$199.99

Online. I know that you said that you are uncomfortabe ordering online but for the amount of money you wish to spend this is your best bet to get the biggest bang for your buck! I would at least mention this amp to my local music store and see what they will do for you. Sometimes if you mention that you are thinking about ordering it online they will "magically" lower the prices for you. Just don't let them know how much money you have to work with or they will try to get every penny that they can.

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