Inexpensive Guitar Amp Reviews

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Im thinking about getting a guitar. How much do they go for and what kind should i get? If you have pics, that would help a ton. Thatnks!


Posted by girlnextdoor
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Your first decision is acoustic or electric. Don't let anyone convince you that you must play an acoustic as a beginner. That is just old school thinking that doesn't apply these days. If you like acoustic type music then get an acoustic and of course if you prefer electric music get an electric. You will be more motivated to practice the type of music you enjoy and in the beginning it's all about practice. One important thing to know is that acoustic is harder on your fingers than electric. A fairly inexpensive electric guitar is still pretty easy to play but a cheap acoustic is torture. I'm no expert on acoustic but I would try to spend at least $300 if you go that route. For electric you will probably spend about the same once you buy an amp, chords, etc. I am giving you some links to check out. Just see what appeals to you and read the reviews. Good luck.


Electric guitar basics?

I almost know nothing about electric guitar but like it very much and i am planning to but one
so can you please give the most important things (Specifications) in a to be electric guitar and the amp for a beginner
and do i have to buy an expensive one or just any thing to start with (for both amp and guitar)
one more thing
can i play with the electric guitar as a classic guitar at least until i afford an amp.

Posted by S Felex
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When buying a guitar as a beginner, it is important to find one that is inexpensive but good quality for the price. You can find these on and very easily. When doing this, make sure it is a full size guitar (usually 22 frets), not a children's one. If you are unsure about a company's quality, search for reviews. Also make sure it is in working order if buying used. Glen Burton has excellent beginner's guitars. As for amps, a standard practice amp can be found used on the same websites. So to sum up the costs: guitar-$50-100 amp-$20-50 amp cable-$3-10. If you can't afford the amp, yes an electric guitar will still make noise but it will not be very loud. You will be able to hear it well enough to learn. Good luck.

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