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Software for playing bass guitar in PC?

Hey, I need a software which allows me to play and listen my bass guitar on my pc
I´ve a 5 strings pasive bass, and i alreade have the necessary plug.

Posted by Juan V
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From a fellow bass player here.

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp v1.2 is nice.

The thing is you're going to wanna play around on others before you find one that's great for you. This website shows a lot of programs that are free that you can download and try. Don't go off of what someone else says I would play with each to see which is more suitable for you.


Hope that helps : )

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How do i play my guitar on my computer?

How do record my guitar on my computer. Theres a plug on the back of my distortion pedal that looks like a phone cord can fit in it. Is there like a free music software program or something that i can download? How can i make my own music on my computer? Thank you.

Posted by Tommy
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Check out products from line 6. They have a unit called the ux1 that plugs into your computer and gives you a virtual amp and a whole slew of effects..

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I need a Virtual Guitar Amp for vista please?

Hi, I'm trying to hook up a guitar i bought from micro center up to my PC. It's an electric guitar that hooks up via USB. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program I could use that would do real time playback. Or of a way to hook it up to fruity loops.

Posted by mrgamesid
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Amplitube is a good one.


Can you hook this guitar up without the USB — that is, with a real analog guitar output? If so, try a Line 6 Pod Studio GX or similar. It requires a dedicated piece of hardware that's included in the package, as well as dedicated software that's free for downloading. (One will not work without the other.) It's an awesome combination.


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