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MIDI bass guitar software?

I just got a midi bass from a friend and I have all the cables i need, but im looking for software, (preferably free) to make music with.

Posted by Treadstone
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Any recording software with a midi connection should be ok.I use a Roland GR-20 when playing 'live',you'll need something like this from 'bass to pc' as an interface to the PC.I have a roland pick-up for midi fitted in my bass and uses a 13 pin cable.
Pirate bay is a good place to look into for recording software.

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What is the best guitar learning software ?

I have an electric guitar and I am taking a guitar class but I would also like to learn by myself.

Posted by Allie F
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Guitar pro is really good. I have written entire songs with this that i actually took to my band and made full band songs. This one is kool because it gives you the option of writing in tabs or sheet music scores. Also it is very easy to arrange everything with options of everything from crescendos to speaker panning. Plus on top of all that a lot of major tab sites for guitar have postings with this software that brings the song up on guitar pro so you can see everything.

Finale notepad is also good. I used this in music theory class. The only thing is that its kinda hard to use and you cant write in tabs. But it helps in the long run because you are forced to write on the staff.

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Guitar software for absolute beginner?

I know nothing about guitar but would like to learn to play 1 or 2 songs. Is there a software that allows you to import music and teach you to play that song?

Posted by askqs
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Guitar Pro is the best software to learn guitar. Http://
Also go to for free music to us with Guitar Pro.

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