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Guitar rig pedal control?

I recently got guitar rig and i run it through fruity loops using a usb interface to connect my guitar.

I want to be able to control the pedals like wah wah but im not sure what to buy. Is there a type of pedal made for this. Can i use a sustain pedal?

On my interface there is a foot switch input. Would it go there?

And last how would i get guitar rig to read it?


Posted by QnAkid
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Everything in Guitar Rig can be controlled through standard MIDI. Any MIDI CC foot controller will work just fine. They are commonly marketed as "expression pedals". They should hook up with either a single 1/4" jack or a standard 5-pin MIDI cable.

Guitar Rig has a "learn" feature, where you can click on a parameter, adjust a MIDI controller, and that controller will be automatically mapped to that parameter. Read the Guitar Rig manual for more detailed instructions on how to do this (seriously, nobody ever reads the manuals any more).

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Questions and Answers

Can you use Guitar Rig Pro by Native Instruments without a guitar?? FL Studio?

I like the sounds on guitar rig 5 but I dont have a guitar and i was wondering if I could use it in FL Studio with just the keypad like you do with other VST's. I thought I read somewhere that it might be possible to use normal bass and guitar presets and still use the guitar rig pro's effects. Is that possible?

Basically, Is there any way I can use it without a guitar and just open up piano roll and draw out the notes while still getting the effects?? I know it has presets… Thanks in advance.

Posted by Brad
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Yes, the Guitar Rig Pro software can be used as an effect plug-in in FL Studio. You can put it on any audio source, including channels with native FL Studio instruments, 3rd party software instruments, sampler channels and audio recordings.

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How can I record guitar rig 5 in audacity?

I can't figure it out, it's not popping up as a vst.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Drivers installed? Yes.

Posted by Tom
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Audacity -> preferences -> Devices tabe, recording, does your Rig 5 show up there? The default will be line in normally.

What OS?
If it's Windoze have you installed drivers? Most other OS's won't need drivers usually. Windows ALWAYS needs drivers.

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