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How to connect an electric guitar to pc ? (PC as amplifier)?

I dont want to buy any amplifier,so when i connct my guitar to pc in mic jack it only sounds like acoustic also i use software (guitar rig) for virtual amp.but still it doesnt recognize my guitar device and hence sounds like an acoustic.i want metal,jazz type music on comp .what do i do?

Posted by V Rock
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Guitar FX box 2.6 or 3 are virtual pedal and processor effect software's ….
Or try Guitar FX …… But if you get Fruity loops studio version ..full version …you get best setting for metal ..rock ..or overdrive ..even it has presets of famous band like Metallica …presets can be downloaded easily …and it comes with recording studio also….try it ….use full version they are available on torrent ….for guitar FX 3 use its keygen …Google it …..if u use trial version it would work like 4 minutes and restart … get full version.

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How do I record electric guitar with PC?

I have an electric guitar, an amplifier, an adapter that turns a 3.5 mm TRS Connector into a 6.35 mm connector (to use headphones with the guitar), and a cable whose one side is a 3.5 mm TRS Connector, and the other one two plugs, one yellow and one black. Can I use these things to record electric guitar in my PC?

Posted by Panos K
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Sure. Check if your amp has a "line-out" plug. If not, just use the headphones output, and connect it to your sound-card line in plug (usually blue). You will have to use the 3.5 mm to two 6.5mm and just leave one disconnected.
Then, you'll need a recording software. Audacity is good and free.

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How do i connect my electric guitar with my pc speakers?

I bought a new electric guitar. I dont hav an amplifier. I want to connect my guitar wid my pc speakers which are intel with a subwoofer of 2600 watts. The cable of my guitar is too big for the port of my subwoofer. Wat is da solution? Do i need to get a pin converter? If so then where do i hav to connect the guitar cord. Is it line in, line out, or mic in? Plz provide a detailed answer.

Posted by roger
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You can use your PC as a digital guitar amp! Get a virtual amp software, like Native Instrument's Guitar Combos, get a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter (a few cents) plug your guitar into the Line In socket on your sound card, and viola, you have a working, awesome sounding guitar amp for your ax. I've been using virtual amps for some time now, and if you are composing music, this is the way to go.

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