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Can i record guitar on my laptop with an emulator jack and a headphones adapter?

I have been trying to record some guitar on Magix music studeo for a few days now, I have an emulator adapter, just a jack that you can plug regular headphones into. I also have a double headed headphones jack. I plug one end into the jack, in the headphones jack on my amp, the other end goes into my line in jack on my computer, but all that comes across on my Magix software is a slight static. Please tell me what I am doing wrong!

Posted by Stewart
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You wanna actually go guitar to amp and then headphone jack from amp to line in this wont sound the best but you actually need a guitar preamp for it to really work well. Make sure that your volume control in windows has the line in as default input. Not microphone.

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I'm buying an amp, buying guide help.?

I'm aware that an amp can work with both a bass and guitar, but i'm a beginner, so im not sure how to really word this, but i want an amp that can really bring out the bass sound and guitar sound separately with different buttons and settings. Would there be an amp like that. I have a pretty low budget, so i just want one that can bring out the sound of my guitar and bass separately.can you tell me what to look for in an amp that can do this.

Posted by wanttolookbetter
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Simply put, no.

Well, I take that back. With at least a 100w power amp and the appropriate preamps (one for guitar, one for bass) and a speaker emulator if the preamp doesn't have one built-in, sure, its possible. You'd need to also get speakers that could handle the bass, though, and that part isn't going to be all that cheap.

I'm betting I could probably do it for under a grand, if I found used gear and was careful about my purchases.

The problem is that the guitar and bass have such different needs – the guitar needs lots of mids, the treble rolled off, and speakers that sound good when distorted, while the bass guitar needs lots of low end (which means a larger magnet, bigger box, bigger speaker, higher wattage rating, lower resonant frequency) with basically no treble roll-off and speakers that *won't* distort.

It is theoretically possible to do both, but difficult to do it easily or cheaply.


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I have my electric guitar hooked up to my computer…?

Is there a program I can get that could add distortion to my guitar, or other sounds???

Please help!!!!

Posted by thankgodformaryjane
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Line 6 has a software program called Amp Farm that has loads of emulators that recreate classic distortion boxes like the Big Muff PI as well as various amp simulators like the Marshall plexi head. Who knows you might find a share ware version out there somewhere.

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