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Which software to use to put the music i play, on my computer?

I play a guitar and I have an amplifier… What should i do to put/record the things I play on my computer. Do I need software/hardware for that?

Posted by Nouvelle Bug
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I've tried bunches of things to record guitar and this is what I know.

First of all, you need at least a guitar cable, and an adapter to take it from 1/4 inch (size of the guitar) to the size of the computer, which is 1/8.

Usually, so the sound from the guitar is audible, you need to amplify your guitar before you plug it into your computer's sound card. Now, you can't do that with an amp. If you have a multi-effects pedal, you might be able to plug your guitar into it and then your computer as normal with an amp. If you don't hear a sound, you should go to your volume control and see if "Microphone" is muted or turned down. If, once you turn it up, you still don't hear anything, then you can't play with your pedal. If it works, though, it will probably sound like crap.

One thing that matters is your computer. If you have a Mac, then you'll have no problem with plugging in your guitar with no amplifier, and open up Garageband. That will act as a software amplifier. I

If you've got Linux, I think you can just plug in your guitar with nothing and it will work fine. Again, you'll need to check the volume control to see if it's muted. Once your guitar is plugged in, you can hook up any pedals as if you were playing through an amp.

Now, with Windows, you can't just plug in your guitar (I know, I've tried). You will have to do the thing with the pedal, or download or buy a virtual amplifier. You can buy a program I know they sell at guitar center, which is a great amplifier with plenty of presets, and which will allow you to download or create new ones. Generally, it is around $200, though. Too much for me. There is a free program called Gfx, but it is very primitive and hard to use.

The best thing to do to record, I'd say is to use Ubuntu, and plug in any pedals you may have.

If you just want to record any way possible using a computer, you want to try a better sounding, slightly more expensive solution. Using a dynamic mic, such as a Shure SM57, an instrument mic designed to be placed an inch or so away from an amp.

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Using my computer as a Guitar Amp?

I want to be able to somehow connect my Electric Guitar to my computer so that I can use it as if it were an amp using the speakers I have.
What would I need?
How much would the cheapest setup cost? A decent one?
Anythign I should know about this would be very helpful. Thanks.

Posted by Bryan Lee
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If you've got 5 dollars and 15 minutes you can do this. And it'll sound amazing and be completely playable. No pirated software, nothing illegal or dodgy. And you'll be able to record your playing, multitrack it with other guitar parts you play, add effects, synthesizers, drums. Anything you want.

That price again? 5 bucks. Less than 2 packages of bacon.

Using top of the line gear the same thing could cost over 10 grand.

(dude, I hope you vote this best answer once you try it)

Let's assume you're using a pc. (If you're on a mac it's still possible but some details are different.) Here's what you need as far as computer hardware.

A computer
(If it's less than 5 years old it'll do just fine.)

A soundcard with an audio input jack
(look at the back of your computer, close to where you plug the 1/8" speaker cable in. There should be one or two other jacks that look the same. One of them is the audio input.)

You've probably got a 1/4" patch cable for you guitar. This is a mono cable. You're going to need a 1/4" mono female to 1/8" stereo male adapter. 2 bucks at Radio Shack. This lets you plug your guitar into the back of the computer.

Once you've gotten this far you can actually play the guitar through the computer speakers. Try it. You'll have to play with the soundcard control panel and make sure you have "line in" or "microphone" enabled. Just play around with it – there aren't a lot of options and it'll be easy to figure out.

Now you need to process the audio coming in with a simulation of a guitar amplifier. It turns out there is a really amazing one out there, and it's free.

(if they kill the link just google Free Amp VST)

This is actually a plugin, called a VST, which is compatible with all the high end, expensive digital music programs out there. And you can't run a VST by itself.

But it turns out that Audacity, a free audio tool, can host VST plugins.

I'm typing this on my mac and the download site won't let me see the PC download page. But just go to

Http:// and grab the pc version. Also download the VST enabler located on the same page.
(no link? Google audacity sound editor)

Ok. Install Audacity. You can actually use it now to record what's coming in off your soundcard. Tweak it a little and you'll figure it out in about a minute. It's simple.

Now you tell Audacity to load a VST plugin. When you do, the FreeAmp window will open up and you'll see an amazing array of guitar pedals and effects. They work just like the real things.

That's it. I'm sorry, you might have to spend 2 dollars to make this happen. And I have skipped a few steps and just said "figure it out." If you can't, I allow emails. Just send me one and I'll talk you through it.


KVR Audio's website has a searchable database of thousands of free VST plugins, including the guitar amp described above. But it's also got bass amps. Synthesizers, wacky effects pedals, tape delays, flangers, choruses, distortion boxes, wahs, and everything else you could imagine. All free. And they'll all work with Audacity. With about 10 minutes to set it all up you could go from your current setup to making your guitar sound like a herd of buffalo or Jimi Hendrix.

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How can i create music and beats on my computer for free?

Posted by Aj G
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Before that, you have to understand that music and beats require more than just software. It requires talent, skill and taste.

I'm tired of idiots thinking they're producers, just because they have "Fruity Loops" or other software. They don't even know how to use it, and they produce trash.

If you just want to look cool by getting beat software, and have no talent or taste, then i'm not gonna help you.

If you really are interested in production and have talent, ideas, taste, and skill, then there is software that I recommend.

> Fruity Loops (FL STUDIO)
> Acoustica BeatCraft

and for recording, compiling, mixing, and editing:

> Adobe Audition
> Cakewalk SONAR 6

I seriously hope you're not one of these morons who suck at computers and try to make beats with their weak computers and no actual hardware or equipment, who don't fully understand the software and don't know how to use it.

Software I use:
Adobe Audition Pro
Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer's Edition
FL Studio Producer's Edition
Acoustica BeatCraft Pro
SONY Acid 6 Pro

Hardware I use:
> Yamaha DGX-203 USB MIDI/XG Keyboard (i use it as a MIDI controller, and a synthesizer controller for FL Studio)
> Digitech RP-120 Effects Pedal (this can process any audio input and add effects as you want it as a precursor to software editing)
> Fender Frontman 15G Amplifier (guitar/microphone amplifier, with minor mixer functions, before outputting into the PC)

I bet you wouldn't be able to learn how to use this equipment, better yet the software.

Seriously I cannot stress to you enough, how stupid it is when complete wanna-be poser imbeciles think they're the best producers, and they're completely inexperienced and clueless as to HOW to use music software.

Visit my record site to listen to some of my work:

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